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Punishment for this?

So on Monday it was semi-nice so we were outside playing.

My 5 year old came over and asked for her mittens, they were in the van I told her to go ahead and get them since I was busy getting the baby's 3-wheeler out of the shed, he wanted to ride it.

A little bit later my older 2 (8 and 5) came running up to inform me that the van keys (the only set we have...the ignition key has a microchip in it to work with the factory security system so they're like $100 a key...we've never bought a 2nd) had *somehow* ended up on the porch roof.

I asked HOW they ended up on the porch roof...

The 8 year old says "Sister did it!" the 5 year old says "Brother did it!" Then DS1 says that he had the keys in his hand (he had taken them from the van where they were...no idea why) and DD tackled him and he lost grip on the keys and they flew onto the roof.

Now we're in a pickle because DH doesn't get home from work until 3:30 and we had a very important meeting we had to be at at 3:15.

So I text DH and tell him what's going on.

He ended up coming home at 'off time' rather than staying and getting an hour of overtime.

DH climbed onto the porch roof and found the keys...in the 2nd tier of gutters that are against the house, not on the porch at all.

I finally weasled the truth out of them. DS1 (the 8 year old) admitted to throwing the keys onto the roof. He admitted that DD was on the porch putting her mittens on and was no where near him when it happened.


He threw the keys on the roof.

He lied about it multiple times.

He has this thing where he's been lying to get out of trouble which is absolutely stupid because I ALWAYS find out the truth and he ALWAYS gets into 100x more trouble than if he'd have told the truth. I HATE lying. I do not tolerate it in this house. Lying is the absolute worst thing he could possibly do in my eyes. I hate liars and now my own freaking kid is a freaking liar

Right now I'm going with 'grounded off everything except breathing' and he owes us $30 for DH's missed overtime. He will earn this by cleaning the entire house top to bottom (every single room) up to my standards.

it doesn't seem to be helping because he's pretty lazy and it's going to take him 4 months to pick up 3 things at this rate *sigh*

I've tried so many things (grounding, writing lines, spanking, yelling, room restriction, taking away favorite things, taking away privileges, early bedtime) he still doesn't get it...

I asked WHY he lied about the van keys and he says "I didn't want to get in trouble." to which I replied "Do you think I'm STUPID? I found out the dang truth didn't I? And then what happened?" and he says "I got in lots of trouble." so he KNOWS if he lies he gets in way more trouble than if he'd just tell the dang truth but he still lies!
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