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Peeing every 10-20 minutes? Is this normal?

I'm potty training my youngest son right now and he's doing well but we're having accidents often despite the progress. It seems like he's not peeing all the way because 10 minutes after he pees, he goes again. DD was so easy. She'd pee every 45 minutes or so. We were able to take her to the potty on a regular schedule and she was very quick to learn body signals and go on her own. I'm struggling right now with DS though since he'll pee on the potty and by the time we get treats and I clean the potty out and get settled back down, he's had a pee accident. What the heck!?

He only got a sippy cup this morning with breakfast and hasn't had anything to drink since! It's like he's not completely emptying his bladder when he goes.

Anyone else go through this? How did potty training go for you? I did the 3 day boot camp with DD after a couple of weeks of potty training ourselves and that was all the push it took to get her 100%. I'm not sure that is going to work with DS2 though.

He turned 2 in October, so I think he's definitely ready. He likes his undies and loves getting his M&Ms for going potty. I'm just not sure how to handle him going SO often.

I'm also newly pregnant, due in October, and I really want him to be 100% before babe gets here. Not a biggie if he isn't, but it would be nice!


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Well sounds like you need to have him stay on the potty for a bit longer. Just tell him that sometimes it all doesn't come out at once. Maybe have home stand in the bathroom pantsless while you clean things up and get his treat. Then when he goes again he can have his treat.

Ds didn't pl until 3.75. A few weeks before his baby sister cane along.

I'm sure he'll be just fine when new baby comes along.

And jealous that treats are working. Ds could care less about bribes.

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Re: Peeing every 10-20 minutes? Is this normal?

That is very normal. Children who are used to urinating in a diaper can be "tinklers" meaning they go a bit at a time as opposed to storing the urine until their bladder is full. Set a timer and have him sit on the potty everytime it beeps. Start with a small amount like 10 minutes and then over a few days you can increase the time between potty breaks.
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Re: Peeing every 10-20 minutes? Is this normal?

My DD had medical issues and was tiny (13 pounds at 1 year) and she peed all the time. She has grown a bit now but her bladder is still quite little, I think. We just tried to take her very often and she potty trained before age 2, but she still goes to the bathroom a LOT. I think some kids just have smaller bladders than others and will need to go more often.
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Re: Peeing every 10-20 minutes? Is this normal?

Definitely having the same issue - but my DD is tiny so she probably has a small bladder. She had juice today at an event (which she usually never drinks), and I never imagined we'd be going potty 5 times in one hour but there we were. I feel like we're living on the potty!

But, it's better than living in diapers forever, so hopefully she'll progress to longer spans or at least grow a bigger bladder so she isn't doomed to spend all her waking hours on the potty!
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