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Need to simplify before I go nuts!!

Right now I have a 22 month old (and soon to be NB) in cloth. I honestly have enough diapers to use on 4+ babies. They are overflowing from their designated space. It drives me crazy! I have been bad and usually just put YDS in sposies bc I just need simplicity. I wish that packing some up and taking them to the garage were an option, but space is super limited. I keep going back and forth between going to flats, prefolds, or pockets. I am so afraid to get rid of thing bc I am not sure what will work for the NB. At the same time I can't keep them all until I finally decide because that will never happen! I prefer natural fibers for ease of washing, but YDS likes to feel dry. I also keep getting hung up on the perfect # of diapers to have for 2. I don't want a ton extra, but enough that if I miss a wash day I don't have to panic. I just keep telling myself I did this to save money (not sure that's the case anymore). I don't know anyone else who CDs so having and excessive over the top stash isn't impressing anyone. Someone help get me going in the right direction! I just want to enjoy CDing again!


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Omg I am in the same boat enough dipes for 3 or 4 babies. Only have a 7 month old dd and a ton of different systems. I like them all for different reasons & feel like if I sell them I will want them back.
Laundry sucks ballz (<--- can you even say that on here?!) because there are so many miss matching diapers.

Sometimes I envy sposie mamas because they don't have to think about what they will put on their baby's bums next.

I am going to bag up everything but 2 systems. The flips & the Bg 4.0's & see if I can get into a simple rhythm with those 2 things. If I don't reach or the ones I have packed away then I will start selling them.

I am also going to order some flats (with a stay dry liner) for the flips covers. Hopefully that will help too.

Hugs mama you are not alone
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Re: Need to simplify before I go nuts!!

Do you have some space under a bed or in a corner of a closet that you can put some of it away for a little bit? Put the newborn stash in its place, choose 1 or 2 systems that work for your current child right now (don't panic on it being the exact right one, you can change later if you choose wrong). Go through the rest... if there is anything that you don't like will never use then sell it. Everything else, pack it away for now even its in a bag in the corner of your child's/newborns room.

Deep Breath.

If you need to, change systems on your current child until you have 1 or 2 system out that is working. Don't worry about the newborn until s/he has outgrown the newborn stash.

Good Luck
Mom to LO#1 born 1/7/2010 (Cloth diapered since day 1; Part-time EC since 9 months; Daytime PL since 29 months; Nightime PL at 5.5 years) & LO#2 born 12/1/2013 (First diaper was cloth! Part-time EC since 12 months & Daytime PL at 26 months) Checkout my absorbency tests. Thoughts on how long a cloth diaper REALLY lasts. Thoughts on Yeast , here, here, here & here. How to Wash Wool & Sanitize Wool. Everything must go! 2T Nght Fitted Trainer, Baby Wearing
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Re: Need to simplify before I go nuts!!

Deep breath--start with your toddler first.

Have enough diapers for day, out and about, and night--I keep them seperate. The rest store and see how long you will go before you NEED something from that storage. If you like natural fibers use them. If your DS needs stay dry use a fleece liner. I just cut fleece from a yard of fleece I bought 6 yrs ago and still have a tone of liners and more than half the yard is still untouched

For the nb

do not go crazy--

for my nb stash i got 12 aios and 24 flats and am using covers that I had from ds2 and dd.

I really did not need the aios but I wanted some ease. Do not go overboard with nb stash esp if you are overwhelmed now.
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I am in your same boat mama! I agree with the other gals - put a lot of stuff away so you dont have to look at them!
DS#1 is trying to potty train so I have a few grovia Ai2 & trainers ready for naps & outings ready to go. Also have night diapers in another little basket. Everything else is in the cabinet, out of sight, waiting for May when DS#2 gets here. Plan to get some flats for him & be done with my stash!
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