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Re: If you had a c-section...

Didn't have a c-section but did have a traumatic, precipitous labour with a 3rd degree (almost forth) episiotomy, so I did have codeine. Nursed immediately. Baby had no ill effects.


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Re: If you had a c-section...

Encouraged to nurse as soon as possible after my c-section - meaning as soon as I was released from recovery. They gave me a shot of morphine as the spinal wore off, and T3s as needed after that (acetaminophen+codeine). If she's on a painkiller that she can't nurse with, get them to switch her to a safe one - there are several.
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I had all three of mine via c section, and nursed all three within an hour of delivery. Someone is giving her bad info.
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Re: If you had a c-section...

I have had 2 c-sections and was encouraged to nurse/pump right away after both of them, even on painkillers.

That being said, I would caution you about pressuring her to nurse. It's entirely possible that she can't (or won't) nurse for a totally different, private reason and she could be using the painkillers as an excuse because she doesn't want to share the real reason. I would provide her with some accurate info about breastfeeding after a c-section, but beyond that, prying any more could quickly become an invasion of her privacy.
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I had 2 sections and nursed within the first hour for both of them. Not only was I not discouraged from doing so, but a LC came to my room with both kids within 24hrs to help me make sure they were latching properly.

Maybe she could put a call in to either her dr. and/or baby's pediatrician and verify that she received correct info?
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Originally Posted by Mom2Connor

Any chance she doesn't WANT to nurse but doesn't want to admit it so uses this as the excuse coupled with "I really want to nurse and I am so sad about this..."

I just really can't believe a hospital would tell her that YK?
I think this is what is going on here.
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Re: If you had a c-section...

I had a c-section with both boys, and nursed them both from the beginning. Don't remember what pain meds they gave me - oxycodone, I think - but no one ever tried to talk me out of nursing.
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I had an emergency section & was on magnesium before & several days after so I didn't get to even pump until 4 days after birth & didn't get to much milk at all. I ended up getting enough to get her through her first month in the nicu. Her second month in I had to do formula because I dried up. I tried everything meds, herbs, teas, massages, everything & never got any milk so the sooner the better. I never even seen my baby until almost a week after her birth so drs think if I could've sent her, held her & bonded & pumped sooner it would've helped. I'd see If her dr won't give her a different med cause I still tried pumping on my meds so it was breast feeding friendly because once its gone its gone she will regret it. I'd paid good money for my milk to have came in.
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Re: If you had a c-section...

Definitely no. She would be given something for pain that would be safe for nursing - there's plenty out there - unless she told them she wasn't going to nurse.
I agree with the pp as well - one week out from a c-sec, she shouldn't need anything for pain (maybe tylenol or advil if she's had a busy/overdoing it day) if recovery/healing is progressing normally.
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Re: If you had a c-section...

I nursed ds as soon as we left the OR. I was given oxycodone and ibuprofen, I was concerned about the oxycodone but was told by doctor nurse and midwife that it was not ideal but safe, just to work on weaning myself off when I could since being in a lot of pain was not going to help my milk.
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