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Re: Potential Risks Associated With Ultrasound And Doppler Use

Originally Posted by clothdiapercrunchy View Post
I know most of us have probably heard about how we are not sure about the risks of sonograms, I know I have. I have had numerous US's for numerous reasons with all of my pregnancies. I think its something that we all need to make our own decisions about. Im not trying to be rude or offensive, but it gets really tiring to see people trying to educate others about this danger or that danger or this or that or whatever. We are all capable adults who can research or talk to our chosen providers about these concerns. I really hate coming here or to my facebook to be shown all these links about how horrible ultrasound is when I've personally had more than a few. Im comfortable with it and the benefit outweighed the risks for me, but this still bothers me to see it shoved in my face all the time.
I would have to disagree with the bolded part above. I'm the only woman I personally know that has avoided ultrasounds because of possible risks. Any time I mention my reasons, my friends are surprised because they have never heard of ultrasounds being anything but perfectly safe.

And I'm not trying to be rude, but I don't believe a post on a discussion board is being "shoved in your face". You can read the subject of the post and decide whether or not you choose to click on it or not.

Originally Posted by mamato2boyz View Post
Left-handedness is associated with sonograms? Hmmmm....I've never heard of that and I definitely wouldn't consider it a handicap or anything. I have a lot of family members that are left-handed and their parents had zero sonograms.
These studies are not trying to say that left-handedness is a disability. They are only using this increase in lefties as a sign of neural disruption. From one research article I read... "It's commonly known among neuropsychiatrists that right-handed people can become left-handed by slight damage to the brain.". So it's not that all left-handed people have brain damage, but that a baby that would have grown up to be right-handed could change to left-handed because of damage to the brain. There are normally many more righties than lefties, so when there is a significant increase in left-handed children, it could be a sign of damage occurring during the pregnancies.

For me personally, I believe ultrasounds have their place. I think for someone that has had ectopic pregnancies in the past, definitely benefits from an early ultrasound. Just like someone with problems later in pregnancy should have a later stage scan to check for anything abnormal. My issue is with "routine" ultrasounds in healthy, low-risk pregnancies.


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Re: Potential Risks Associated With Ultrasound And Doppler Use

I've had 3, which seemed standard. I was measuring small according to one nurse and she said I'd have to have further ultrasounds if I continued to measure small. At that point I had heard about u/s not being so safe, so I was annoyed. Thankfully I'm not measuring small anymore. I can't wait to see what the future will hold when science has figured out more in epigenetics! Depending on how deep you get into how much lifestyle and environment affect humans and fetuses, you could go absolutely nuts. The energy fields of computer screens alone are having an effect of a sort. Yet here we all are sitting in front of the computer, possibly for hours on end...
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