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Re: What is fourth baby like?

4th baby is very feisty and independent. She's got quite a colorful personality.


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Originally Posted by Almacham
4th baby is very feisty and independent. She's got quite a colorful personality.
That's mine to a T!

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Re: What is fourth baby like?

Number 1 & 2 were so laid back. Very good children. Excellent babies. Very outgoing, no stranger anxiety. STTN at a very young ages. Go with the flow and very adaptable.

Kason was #3 and he was a good baby but became a handful. He was into everything, and I am sure he had some sensory issues that were never handled. He was picky about people, but if he met you once he usually warmed up pretty quickly. He also had to have someone to play with all the time. He didnt like playing alone.

Kaia came along and was hard work from the get go. She cried for the first 5 months of her life almost non stop. She would not let anyone but me or my husband hold her until she was at least 18 months. She didnt STTN until after she was 2, and at 3 1/2 still gets up 1-2 x's a week. She is very vocal about what she wants, and gets what she wants from the older ones easily. She is very self entertaining though.
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Re: What is fourth baby like?

Adore my 4th baby! Plus all the other kids adore him and help out hugely even without me fighting over who gets to hold him etc.

So #1 is spirited, most work of all my kids, just his personality, highly active etc
#2 mellow, easiest ever, his issues are too much pressure on himself, shyer etc.
#3 sweet as pie baby, very "likeable" but full of mischief
#4 mixture of 1 and 3 so far....will get feisty if his toy is taken or told no etc, but 99% of the time is sweet as pie..

I do think the babies tend to get spoiled, more attention, used to getting their way. I think we were a little lenient with #3 and then had to get with #4 I should start getting stricter earlier....start as you mean to go on etc. As this time he gets SO much attention from everyone....all the kids just have him up on a pedestal. All the babies were great babies though..
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Re: What is fourth baby like?

My first was a nightmare in a lot of ways. She was labeled failure to thrive for a while there, and she's still my most challenging to this day, and she turns 10 this year...I have a feeling we're always going to have our challenges.

My second was pretty easy, if you took allergies out of the equation. He was kind of sickly, but the most mellow, chill baby ever! He's now hyper and wild, but he's also almost six now.

My third was pretty chill, but he only ever wanted his Daddy or his swing. It was frustrating for me because I wanted a cuddly baby, but I can't complain. He was happy and chill.

My fourth is so sweet, lovey, and a cuddler. If it weren't for his gas problems and his dairy problems, I think he'd be the happiest, most chill baby boy ever!

I can't wait to see what it will bring when I have the next one.
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Re: What is fourth baby like?

My fourth was the easiest. She has slept through the night since 2 months old. I think she takes pity on me lol!
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Re: What is fourth baby like?

#1 was high needs, intense nursling, didn't STTN until 2 1/2 years, rather contrary, and definitely strong-willed. At 14, he is pretty laid-back, and a joy to be around. A very hard adjustment for DH and I from 0 children to 1.

#2 was *very very* strong-willed, but much easier nursling, slept better, but didn't STTN until almost 2 years. At 11, she is very persistent, mostly pleasant, and very creative. A hard adjustment from 1 child to 2.

#3 was a very sweet, if higher-needs baby. She was very attached to me and only me, and wanted to be on me (in a wrap was ok, as long as she was on me) for a loooong time. I think she had some undiagnosed sensory issues that affected her behaviour/emotional development. She is strong-willed, but not as much as her older siblings. At 8, she is creative, compassionate, and thoughtful of others. A hard adjustment from 2 to 3.

#4 was a laid-back baby, good nursling, pretty good sleeper, and generally very happy personality. At 5, he is still pretty happy, but has a tender spirit and feels things deeply. He is pretty feisty, and loves to stir things up in the family. A very easy adjustment from 3 children to 4.

#5 was not an easy baby. She is extremely fussy about her environment, was not a good nursling or sleeper, needed to be held tightly but did not want to be held at all (if that makes any sense). She is still pretty contrary, and generally is rather... hard to get along with. Thankfully, she can be very sweet (when she wants to be), and is super cute. An easy adjustment from 4 children to 5.

I'm hoping that #6 is easy-going and happy.
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Re: What is fourth baby like?

#1 was very high needs. He was extremely colicky, cried 16+ hours a day for basically the first 6 months. Feeding him was a struggle and virtually nothing made him happy. He also ended up having sensory issues, feeding/aspiration issues, and was eventually diagnosed with autism.

#2 was much easier than my first, but always needed to pretty much be attached me.. she was still pretty high needs.

#3 was extremely challenging! He was extremely cranky, medically needy, suffered from sensory issues and was easily overstimulated. Feeding was a nightmare. He is still my little trouble maker.. he also has developmental delays, sensory issues, speech delays and mild cerebral palsy.

#4 had a rough start (31 weeker, complete abruption, 8 1/2 weeks NICU) but ended up being my easiest baby once we got past the NICU rollercoaster. He was and still is (at 2 1/2) a very easy going, happy child.. and possesses this amazing quality of being abe to amuse himself. He doesn't really talk yet but he has this amazing awareness of his world and listens and follows directions, is eager to help and clean up after himself, and pretty much always has a smile on his face.

I always say thank goodness #4 was so easy because I NEEDED an easy baby after the first 3!
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Re: What is fourth baby like?

Originally Posted by doodah View Post
1 was an easy baby for the most part. she has a little bit of a temper and is very advanced physically and academically
2 was the difficult one, still is.
3 is my happy little snuggler
4 is like 3. happy little guy but he does want to nurse ALL the time which is time consuming. my other kids werent as attached to nursing
We are similar.

If all babies were like #1, I might have ten kids. Easiest pregnancy and easiest baby/toddler/preschooler ever! Things got rough about 8-12. (He was an only child until 7.5 years old and #2 demanded a lot of attn #1 was used to....) Homeschooling has corrected many of his preteen problems for us.

#2 I saw a one of those things on FB the other day that summed up my feelings. It said: When God overheard us say "That first child was not that hard and we could handle another!" He uttered " Challenge Accepted!" He is sooooo smart and very busy, and I was starting to think I wouldn't survive his toddler years, but he is so good now.

I like to think God knew I needed #3 to survive #2, as she came just 15 months after #2. She is amazing, a combination of #1 and #2, busy but so loving and easy going.

I am praying for an easy #4, although I know, no matter what kind of personality she has, I will find a way to make it through.
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Idk because the third is my last! He is soooo hard. Omg.
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