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Re: How to get her to READ?!

Yep, sounds normal to me.....I wouldn't push it. With my son the harder I pushed, the more it didn't "click". One day, he just "got" it.....that's what homeschooling is about, isn't it? Let he learn at her own pace.....keep offering, but she'll get it when her mind is ready


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Re: How to get her to READ?!

How about "Teach your child to Read in 100 easy lessons?" Several of us in our homeschooling community have used it with multiple children. Maybe she just needs a different approach.

Also, what about taking her to the library often and letting her "look at" a lot of books...that has really seemed to spark an interest in reading here

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Eh, shes only 5. I wouldnt worry about it I get what your saying though, feeling like if she can do x why can't she do z. My dd is the same way with some things. We have had alot of success with too.

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Re: How to get her to READ?!

I agree with all of the posts....both my son and daughter were about 6 when it started to click. Give her time. I would also suggest finger stretching if she knows all of her sounds. Here's how it works. For each sound say it fffff (stick out her thumb) aaaaa (stick out her index finger) nnnnnn (stick out her middle finger) then have her pull the fingers into a fist and pull her arm towards her body and say "fan"(all at once). It may take a few tries but the physical movement helps to make the connection of the letter sounds to the actual word in the brain. You can also do a point and say the sounds with magnetic letters....have her put the letter f up and then a and then the n and once it is together say fan. We learned all of this through our phonics in the K12 ciriculum and it really helped her.
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Re: How to get her to READ?!

Kids are all ready to read at different ages. Don't stress
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Re: How to get her to READ?!

It sounds like you both need a break from focusing on it. Try not to worry about her getting it, she will.
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My daughter only understood it all after going through BOB books. They put it all together for her. We did two K boxes together and one 1st gr level box and she was reading!! She loved it to. We did one to two booklets a night and that was it. This was after one year of phonics courses in short vowels. Seems she just needed to read and no more lessons. She was two months shy of 6 before this happened and now reads better than most kids in her class at 6 and 1/2. Once it clicks there's no stopping it! Keep it light and fun! No pressure. Stress will actually cause them to stop learning. She begs for readers level 2 now and goes through three a night!! I thought we had a major problem too but seems we didn't. Some kids read at 4 and mine started close to 6 and loves it now. I've heard the reading range can go up to age 8 for some kids. Everyone is so different.
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Re: How to get her to READ?!

I would keep demonstrating how to blend words for her. Reading bear is a good source to use. Reading takes time for some kids. Right now my son can blend but he can't just recognize words he usually needs to sound them out. When he does reading exercises he often guesses at words. I am teaching him all his phonograms then I am going to teach reading from a spelling perspective. I do show him blending with reading bear but so far he can only manage simple words on his own. It takes a while to click for some kids. I just keep trying new things until something works. I don't use pressure but I keep teaching. My oldest took quite a while for things to click but once it did she is making much faster progress and hopefully it will be the same with ds too.
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Re: How to get her to READ?!

I would just keep reading to her and letting her do starfall and if she is ready, she will get it. I agree 5 is really young. My six year old son is doing starfall and bob books and he is learning, but not as fast as my oldest son, but I am not worried. I just read to him and slowly, it is clicking. Play with her and read to her!
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