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not feeling the progress

I keep taking van load after van load of stuff to goodwill, but I can't see a difference. I know it looks different to DH, but It's not close to where I want it yet. A lot of it has been behind closed doors (closets, dressers, under beds, etc - basically all my secret hiding areas). I'm just really starting to get frustrated. Our next big area is books and that will make a huge difference. My goal is to get rid of 2 book shelves, but since they're DH's books and the library doesn't carry them. It's really hard to go through them.

nak...please forgive typos


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It can be frustrating but it does take time to get it the way you want. I started big time purging in 2011. My house still isn't minimal as I would like either. The two places I am pretty minimal is my bedroom & bathroom.

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Re: not feeling the progress

Totally true! I've found that as I go I tend to hide the things I haven't decided on in another room or closet. So while one room ends up gorgeous, the bunk bed ends up stacked with stuff! To make matters worse we're remodeling, so for weeks everything has been pushed together and stacked in the middle of the living room as we paint. So happy to be finishing that up!

And when I think about all of the stuff I've hauled away - 10+ van loads worth, it doesn't look THAT much emptier. I know it's better, but seems like it should be empty by now. Oh well. I did look through pictures last night to put together an album as a gift for DD's 2nd birthday (shutterfly has 8x8 books for $8 for another week), and it's a chaotic mess!

Lately I've managed to get rid of several furniture pieces and that makes me so happy. A big white storage cabinet, a toy chest, a huge recliner, and a bench seat storage thing.
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Re: not feeling the progress

Can you focus on one room? A room where you pretty much have control over content, so you don't have to worry about your dh. If you have one room just the way you want it, and then commit to not put anything else in it, that might be a morale booster. When you need a calm environment, you can retreat to that room for a few minutes.
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I definitely agree with one room that you can go in and relax. Another thing I've done is work on the first rooms in the house so I don't feel embarrassed when people come over. Even if my guests don't say anything about how clean it is, I get a little kick out of knowing they saw a nice uncluttered room when they stopped in. that fuels me to do a little more. I'm hosting a playdate tmw so that helps motivate me. I was wiped out sick yesterday and didn't do much but my kitchen looks better than it ever did before I started uncluttering. All it has is one days worth of dishes, which isn't that much compared to boxes and piles of paper and broken junk and random appliances I had in the kitchen a year ago. All those little victories reinforces that I'm making progress and even if I take a few days our a week off, I always feel good about starting back up. Look for little victories.
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Re: not feeling the progress

Dealing with his stuff is frustrating. We have more than I would ever want but dp has put restrictions for me. He has SO much useless junk. Seriously, I just cleaned our dvd area yesterday & not one is mine. We also have a game cube, 4 controllers and 20+ games he wont let me get rid of. He has played..maybe 20 minutes since I was pg with dd1 5 years ago.
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When we moved from our 2000 sq ft home in the suburbs to our 1000 sq ft home in the country five years ago, I had to do a huge purge; my hubs and I have always been pretty minimal, but since we have several kids people are always giving us stuff. So at that point I started doing two really helpful things that has kept us pared down...

1) When I am purging a room, I get as many empty boxes and bags as I can find and start filling them up according to trash, donate, and unsure. I make decisions VERY quickly so I don't get sentimental about things. Then, it's obvious what I do with the first two categories, but with the "unsure" bags/boxes I take them straight to the garage (we have a little storage closet in there where I don't even have to look at them ) and leave them there til another day. That way all that stuff is out of the house and not cluttering up another area, and I can let the unsure pile sit a while and see if there is anything we really do need in there later. This has helped me so much more than I would have imagined!

2) Anytime we are given things (mostly kids clothes, it seems), I put them in the same place I put all my unsure items I mentioned above until I have time to go through them. That way I don't have stuff migrating into the house and cluttering us up again. And I can just choose a day when I'm in the mood to go through it all instead of doing it at a time when I might not make the best decisions.

Anyway, I hope this can help you, too. Don't get frustrated, and don't give up! Conquering the stuff monster takes a while! Blessings, mama!!
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Re: not feeling the progress

I haven't really noticed a dramatic change until almost a year after starting this journey. I'm at the same point as you, the main rooms are all done but it's the closets and the basement that still needs the overhaul. I notice it particularly in times of crisis or super crazy busy. This week, #2 has a major tummy virus and I have not been able to do much of anything. BUT, because all the rooms are decluttered, as long as I manage to put a load in the DW and in the W/D, it maintains itself. DH was able to fix breakfast and pack lunches for the other two in my stead because he can find everything and knows where it all goes.

It still totally bothers me I continue to have a basement of shame (even if it is much more orderly now, still way too much stuff) and every closet still needs an overhaul, but I can make time to do it now because everything else takes care of itself. You just have to keep up the good fight! You will feel the difference in time.
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