View Poll Results: Putting kitchen laundry with diaper laundry?
Unacceptable (gross) 26 26.53%
Acceptable (ok) 72 73.47%
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Re: throwing other laundry in the diaper load...gross or ok?

wow! I'm shocked to be in the minority, apparently I'm LESS gross for once!? How did this happen? I love germs, I loath hand sanitizer, bare feet are the best, floor food is still food... Yet I totally expected a landslide, like duh, of course diapers are disgusting and should be quarantined. I'm now reevaluating my life. In a year of cloth diapering I have never let anything non-diaper related into the same wash. What's wrong with me? Oh my, I think I know. I lived with my sister as a teenager and she was constantly berating me about how gross I was. In her defense I was technically and ignorantly gross back then (versus my current willful and educated grossness), but in my defense she was a total neat-freak hypochondriac (and now her house is a pig stye, hmmmm). Anyway, she used to insist I separate all laundry, even kitchen towels and bath towels weren't allowed to be washed in the same load. Forget tossing a kitchen towel in with my underwear, oh the horror. Once she made me wipe down the dryer with bleach because I had washed my tennis shoes by hand and then tossed them in the dryer. She was mortified. So I guess I'm still carrying that memory into my own laundry room. I don't know if that means ill change, but I honestly never thought about it before.


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I can't do it. I do dry together.
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Re: throwing other laundry in the diaper load...gross or ok?

I can't wash or dry things together with diapers...I am just too OCD after working for years in tissue culture. It seriously would bother me to wash kitchen towels with diapers.

I wash diapers, diaper cloth wipes and family cloth together, and the covers from changing table pad together.

I have seperate single layer flannel "Kleenex" wipes that I use around the house to wipe faces and noses and these I will wash with kitchen towels and/or clothing, but never with diapers. I cannot handle having my face against anything that might have had poo on it...hahaha. I have 3 dozen prefolds that only get used as burp cloths and kitchen towels and have never been used as diapers ever. Weird, I know, but they are seperate and distinguishable from my "diaper prefolds" and I don't wash them together.

When I use mama cloth, which isn't every cycle, I have to wash it by itself.

I also have seperate rags for washing the floor and cleaning and those have to be washed separately, too. I do use mf inserts as Swiffer pads, but they won't ever go back in a diaper now...they've been demoted to household cleaning and marked.

I know. I have issues. My water bill is bad.

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Re: throwing other laundry in the diaper load...gross or ok?

Since I now have a toddler and only one in cloth I have started putting things in with the diapers, I never used to but I always had 2 or more kids in cloth at one time so a full load was easy. Now somedays we only use 8 diapers the whole day and it seems wasteful to put just those on, I try to wash them with things like sheets, towels, floor cloths, cleaning rags etc but if none of those are around to be washed then I will put in clothes. I draw the line at kitchen towels though, somehow I need those seperate.

eta I only use all natural cleaning products - vinegar, lemon etc so I don't worry about the diapers getting toxic and come to think of it, I use old diapers to wipe kitchen benches (sanitised of course) so I really should get over my issue with washing them with kitchen cloths.
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I only add normal clothing to the diaper laundry if it has been peed, pooped or puked on...
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Re: throwing other laundry in the diaper load...gross or ok?

Since we have an HE washer, I'm actually going to start adding some things to the wash to make it add more water - rags, bathmats, towels, bibs, sheets, etc. - in other words, things that would normally get washed on hot anyway.

My only hangup with adding more items isn't a 'gross' factor, it's a workflow factor. Our house does ALL laundry one day a week. That's it. SO when switching to CD in general, it was an adjustment. And now I"ll be adding in extra items, it will so throw off our chi (sp?).... :-)
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We use prefolds and we use one cold wash with the prefolds without soap then we add soap and wash all the other cloths together.
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Re: throwing other laundry in the diaper load...gross or ok?

Originally Posted by pottermomma View Post
I find it hilarious when people say it is gross. There is something wrong if you aren't getting clean loads of laundry. Why are the diapers clean enough but the clothes/blankets/sheets won't be?

I mean honestly, if it didn't seem clean I just wash again no matter what it is.

Edit I read the question again and same applies to what I said above.

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Maybe we're harder on our kitchen cloths than others but my kitchen laundry requires way more effort than diapers. I usually wash dipes w/o bleach, but the rags always need more detergent and bleach.

I will wash dipes with bath towels and whites though.
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I always throw rags and pee sheets from my ODS I the diaper laundry. Towels too, on the detergent cycle, if its a smaller diaper load.
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Re: throwing other laundry in the diaper load...gross or ok?

so funny...I can really see it both ways. Like when I really think about it, I would never tell guests to my house, "I wash the dish towels with the diapers!" but I think that is more because people don't "get" the diaper washing process and think it must be disgusting in some way. I would fear being judged lol

But I really do believe everything I wash in that load is VERY clean, sanitized even (a good amount of bleach every load, washed twice, rinsed twice), otherwise I would never do it!
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