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Re: Best Diet?


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Re: Best Diet?

If you were interested in WW, there is a site called Dotties weight loss zone where there is TONS of free info on it without having to pay! I think its or something similar Hope this helps!
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Re: Best Diet?

Body for life is a program that includes 'Eating for life', which is a change of your lifestyle, not a diet per se! The program suggests you eating 5-6 meals (3 bigger ones, 2-3 smaller snacks) and combining carbs and protein for every meal.
The portions are based on your own hand! The size of your flat palm is the size for a chicken breast or steak for ex. and your fist is the size for cooked rice or pasta. I find this method much better than going by couting calories etc.
Like the other mom already said, in general just try to eat healthy:
-Lots of raw veggies, some fruit
-Drinking lost of water, herbal tea
-Stay away from processed white stuff (rolls, flour etc), go the whole wheat way
-Stay away from sugar
-Eat low fat, aiming for the good fat (peanut butter, olive oil, etc. -in moderation)

Last not least: Enjoy some treats here and there too, don't deprive yourself! But keep in mind "Everything in moderation!"
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Re: Best Diet?

Thanks for all of the good advise...I'm starting to lean toward Weight Watchers again. The hard thing is that I know exactly what to eat, when, and how much. I feel like I have enough nutritional information and knowledge that I could be a dietician (I actually saw one when I was 5!) I just don't do it. I know my triggers, both emotional and in food choices. So I think the accountability of WW may be a good road to try now. I'll have to keep you all posted!
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Re: Best Diet?

I really like Marilu Henner's plan
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Re: Best Diet?

As a teenager and on until I was about 20 I went on every different diet and even was bulemic, then anorexic. The best thing that worked for me????

1. Only eat when hungry. If you're not sure if you're hungry, drink a glass of water and wait 1/2 hour. If hungry procede with only what you need to feel satisfied.

2. Everything in moderation. It's too easy to end up binging if you cut out any foods. If you need a little chocolate...take a bite or two and that's it. You don't need to fill up on it.

3. Lots of cut up veggies and fruits as well as hummus and salsa with some chips or crackers make great snacks. Snacking was so hard for me so I had to make grabbing healthy food easy. I'll take one day a week to do all my chopping, etc... so I'll have good food for the week.

4. Drink water, water and oh yes...water. If you drink pop cut way down. I only have it now with pizza and can't even drink a full can at this point because of my "weaning".

5. Find a fun workout video. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Tae Boe. It's hard and kicks my butt at first but after a month I'm doing it like a pro. You don't have to work out with someone to be accountable. Just find a friend who wants to make the same changes you do, then call each other every day or every other day and say "hey, how'd you do with your eating and exercising". I've found when I have to tell someone how i'm doing, I like to give a good report so it keeps me from being lazy.

Hope that all helps. On top of it all I also pray. I know God cares about everything

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Re: Best Diet?

Originally Posted by MamaEli View Post
I've looked into Weight watchers, but don't like the whole "points" idea, like someone is telling me what I can do and not do. I looked at the no-points plan, but it looks a lot like SB. The other thing that's holding me back from both SB and WW is the artificial sweeteners thing. Both seem to advocate the use of Splenda, Nutrasweet, etc for those sugar cravings, and I'm really not into that--I'm trying to buy all organic and natural foods as our budget allows.
I have done WW points and am getting ready to start the no points plan now that I am well established in BFing my dd. Points is hard for about two weeks, then you start remembering how much points different foods are. And as for the sugar thing, they actually would like you to give it all up, the offer it up as more of a point-less option (as in without points...sounded wrong) And the no points plan is the most sensible, you eat health foods from a list until you are satisfied, and you have 35 weekly points to 'spend' on anything that is not on that list. For the most part, fruits and veggies are as much and as often as you like.
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I like the liquid stevia, like sweetleaf.
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Re: Best Diet?

The only thing that worked for me is following a "paleo" type diet. i cut out dairy, gluten, and sugar. I've lost 30lbs. Only 8 more to go.
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Re: Best Diet?

It was eye opening for me to log all my food and see how many calories I was eating and what foods had high calories. Its no wonder I gained so much weight with my pregnancies eating cheetos and m&ms Granted now I can still have them I just have to measure and weigh them first, not sit down with the bag like I used to. I try not to eat them but you get the idea.
I started out my weight loss on WW and then switched to my fitness pal. Recently I have realized that I cannot eat back all of my exercise calories. I used to do this and the scale was moving so slowly, and if I splurged on the weekend then it wouldn't move at all. I now try to only eat my daily calories and if I feel like a treat I'll eat a little bit of my exercise calories. This has made a huge difference for me. It has allowed me to lose 15 lbs since January 12th. I was stuck at 197 for over a month prior to this. I actually weighed in this morning at 179.6 but I think it might go back up over 180 so I'm not gonna log it until tomorrow. If I am 180 I will be at a 60 lb loss since I started this journey!!! I vote for eating real food, just learning how much of what to eat to be healthy. This way there is no adjusting to "real eating" after you reach your goal.
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