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Ok, I'm jumping in, too! I have a lot of diapers for various stages, as I'll list below, but I love having them all streamlined to one system (cotton and wool).

2 dozen flats (flour sack towels from Walmart, actually )
2 dozen prefolds (total, of three different sizes)
2 dozen Motherease one size fitteds with snap in liners
1 dozen WAHM prefolds converted to fitteds with snaps
20 wool covers (including soakers/shorties/longies/wraps, in sizes newborn through toddler, many made by me; most of my wraps are one-size with snaps or Velcro)
And I almost forgot...3 dozen cloth wipes (2 doz made by me, 1 doz purchased)

I guess I could actually get rid of everything but my covers and Motherease now that I have enough, but I like having flats for hand washing when necessary (which is rare) or for hanging around the house with the newborn since they are so trim. And prefolds are great for multiple uses. And fitteds are most daddy and big brother friendly. Since we are moving overseas and I won't be able to get diapers easily anymore, I figure I'll just keep them all and maybe I won't need to buy anything anymore since I'm diapering baby four right now, about to have baby five, and will be too old after a couple more to have any more. We shall see! I also love the economy of this system...for me, that "diapering perfection" I keep reading about... It cost me about $400-$450 total. Not bad in my book, especially for multiple babies!


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Re: Do you have a simple / minimal diaper stash?

I do now. After some serious purging. I haven't sold everything off yet, but I'm getting close

4 one size simplex
4 medium simplex
4 Grovia aio

6 bamboo flats
6 Applecheeks bamboo inserts (doubled at night)
6 Capri covers
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I'm actually starting to feel pretty good about our stash now!

We've currently got:

23 flats (was 24 butone is being cut up for rags since it wore out)
5 size M Happy Heiny pocket (with no inserts so we use flats)
5 FuzziBunz Elite

We were more minimalist at one point. My oldest son we used 12 Kissaluv fitteds and 2 whisper wraps. I hand washed almost daily. With my second boy it was just the flats and the Happy Heinies at night. Little Bear doesn't do as well with flats, so we hope to change it up some. Our goal is

12 FuzziBunz Elite
4-6 Flips or GroVia covers for travel
12-24 inserts, or disposables for travel.

That's for my 9 month old. We may also add 2-3 Green Line diapers to use as a back-up since they can also be used with our flats so long as the covers don't get soiled. We want to keep the flats but I think we'll be cutting them back.

For our 3 year old we're looking to pick up some Flip or GroVia training pants for long trips. We're going to start needing to head 4 hours out of town once a month and staying overnight. We're not sure how he'll do on the car ride or overnight in a strange place. Two pairs and some inserts are our goal.

We hope to have one more soon, and I think the goal then would be 12 daily diapers for each still in diapers, 4-6 hybrids for travel for each in diapers, and disposable inserts or inserts to last the 36-48 hours we'll be away from home. If it weren't for travel 12 per kid in diapers would probably be all we need. However, Little Bear taught me a lesson! Don't decide which diapes to use for a new baby until after they arrive! What works for one may not work for the next!
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1yr old DS has:

18 premium PFs
12 imagine bamboo flats
6 diaper safari inserts

2 lrg bummis pullon
4 flip
4 diaper safari

2 snappis
1 wet bag
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Re: Do you have a simple / minimal diaper stash?

I FINALLY have a minimal stash that works for us! 9 Thirsties Duo wraps, 18 Thirsties stay-dry duo inserts, and 3 fab doublers. I would like to add 3 more doublers since I use these with my 3yo for nights too. I did keep 9 flats to use as extras for when we spend the weekend at my ILs, but they are not in the regular rotation. I love the simplicity and that everything fits into one large basket.
Mandy, Christian wife to Dustin and homeschooling mama to Lucas (1/24/07), Eli (7/1/09) and Graham (2/10/11).
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Re: Do you have a simple / minimal diaper stash?

Live totally redone mine

Twi kids one almost six months one 28 months.

20 fitteds
20 prefolds
18 cbI
5 OS covers
5 l covers
1 wool fornights
6 doublers
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Re: Do you have a simple / minimal diaper stash?

Not really minimal, but I love it and it works well right now! (I'm dreading when he grows and I have to rethink stuff.)

For my 5 week old...

24 prefolds
6 covers
12 AIOs
6 fitteds (for nighttime - just got these, we had been using the AIOs at night)

We wash every other day.

Happy mama to my 4 handsome boys
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Re: Do you have a simple / minimal diaper stash?

I am working towards minamalism in my life. Some days are better than others, ha ha. However my diaper stash is smaller due mostly to funds and starting cloth diapering with an older baby.
I have two flip covers,two kawaii covers, one hemp prefold,seven cotton prefolds five birdseye flats, ten recieving blanket flats, four homemade fleece liners, and a snappi for home diapering. I use cut up flannel sheets ect. for cloth wipes, have a small basket full of those.
I also have two aio's and five pockets for the sitter and grandparents to use.
I have a few pair of rubber pants and some trainers for back up.
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Re: Do you have a simple / minimal diaper stash?

Stash is changing again.

For the newbie...
3 xs woollybottoms soakers
1 loveybums wool cover
1 pair longies
1 gen y pul cover
40 ikea flats (we also use these in flips at night for older 2)

For toddler...
24 sweet pea prefolds, to die for, btw
4 mother ease air flow, selling/sold all gen y covers
1 flip for night

For 3 year old, slightly potty learning...
12 meos
3 gen y classics
1 flip for night
1 bummis whisper

Nb will move up into infant size sweet pea prefolds, and we will keep flats for emergencies. Once little girl potty learns I will destash all her stuff and we should be all prefolds and meaf covers. Finally found our diaper love <3
simple living mama to 4 sweet littles.
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Wow! So interesting to read what people have. Our number one reason for cloth diapering was to save money here is our complete stash for my DS(8mo):

36 infant prefolds oso cozy
6 covers rumparooz, thirsties, bummis
2 snappis size one

Regular stash:
24 baby prefolds oso cozy
6 covers rumparooz and blueberry
2 hemp doublers baby kicks
5 fleece liners (waste of money, IMO)
2 snappis size two (one broke, oddly enough)

Two small wet bags
One pail liner

If I had it to do over, I would be using flats at home, prefolds when we are out and only rumparooz covers (they have the best elastic!).

We bought EVERYTHING BRAND NEW for well under $500 and I will use them on our next two or three babies. I may still buy flats though. I want to experiment before baby number two. :-)
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