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Mirena is AWFUL. I had no libido, to the point of actual sexual aversion, while I had the Mirena. My libido returned within weeks of removing it. Basically, it prevented pregnancy by preventing me from having sex. It also caused hyper-realistic dreams, including dreaming that I got up to pee I had depressive symptoms as well, like thinking about death all the time and being overly obsessed with mortality.

Because they were all emotional/mental changes, it took me a long time to realize the source. Removing the Mirena resolved every issue.


Wife to my best friend , SAHM to DD1 (4/15/10) and DD2 (5/16/13)
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Re: Tell me about IUD's

I loved my Paragaurd. It was great. My periods were the same, I never got pregnant on it, DH could not feel it, it did not effect my milk or sex drive, and was easy to put in and take out. You are not supposed to use the cup with it due to the suction of the cup on your cervix. I used cloth pads and cloth tampons with mine. If I had not had a tubal I would have gotten it again.
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Re: Tell me about IUD's

I just had a mirena put in. Didn't hurt going in (but I was 4 weeks PP after birthing a baby that we didn't bring home). I previously had a copper IUD and it made my anaemia worse as my period length doubled and was so heavy I was using PP mama cloth every cycle.
I barely spotted after insertion, neither of us can feel it. I haven't gained any weight and any emotional problems I am having are to do with my 19 week baby loss.
If anything having the mirena is improving those feelings as I am not petrified of having an unplanned pregnancy after just losing our much wanted and anticipated baby boy.
Helen. New Zealand living, cloth nappy using and making. Totally addicted to knitting. Mum of Samuel (11/05), Mollie (6/08), Meghan (5/10) and Benjamin (17/1/2013) born 19 weeks 2 days.
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I had the Mirena for a year and it sucked, frankly. My period never did go away. It got lighter, but twice as long. The cramping was horrible. The worst was that my anxiety and depression got to the uncontrollable point, despite med changes. The only upsides were that I nursed the entire year I had it and I never got pregnant.
I got the Paragard inserted 7 wks ago and so far, it's much better. My anxiety and depression are better. My period is a bit heavier, but half the length.
Jacky, CPST and wife to Tim
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Re: Tell me about IUD's

I had the Mirena before I had my son. I'd classify it as "okay." I loved that I never had to think/worry about birth control (especially because I'm terrible at taking pills). The downside of it was it gave me (harmless) ovarian cysts. I didn't like that it was having this effect on my body. After I had my son, I got the Paragard, as I decided I really wanted hormone free birth control. I've had it since November, and, so far, I am happy with it. The biggest downside is the periods - while half as long, they're about twice as heavy for me. It doesn't bother me enough to remove it, however. To me, the pros outweigh the cons.
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Re: Tell me about IUD's

I had a paraguard for two years. Among the issues I had and still have (this was over 3 years ago).
heavy periods
cramps (this one has persisted, but they have gotten better)
diva cup started leaking (this one has also persisted, and other have told me they had the same problem, no one can figure out why)
painful intercourse at times
abdominal pain/bloating
being scared of an ectopic pregnancy/being forced to abort if that happened (I would be pretty emotionally messed up if I had to abort)

most people who have them in for more than a couple years start having problems with copper/zinc ratios.
Mirena has it'sown set of problems due to being hormonal, of course.
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Re: Tell me about IUD's

The number of women who get pregnant with an IUD is 2 per 1,000 women based on the post-marketing drug data. When you see negativity online about medications or most medical procedures you are not seeing the entire population of opinions since most positive experiences are not shared online. It is more of the population who is sad or angry or who had a bad experience that likes to write about it. I wish I could get an IUD but my insurance won't cover it. I am using Depo Provera while breastfeeding.
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I have a Paraguard. Got it placed fall of 2011?
For several months I did have a heavier period, but last few cycles that has tamed down considerably (I would also attribute this to changes in breastfeeding, baby is older and in part day school now.)
I feel like my cycles are much more regular than they have ever been, take that for what it is worth since Paraguard has no direct hormones.
I like not needing to think about birth control.
I have a blood disorder, one side effect is pretty crazy anemia. I do not believe that the Paraguard has negatively impacted my condition in any way.
~Lana~ SAHM and EMT student to J 4/11/07, Asperger's, ADHD, ODD, MDNOS A 3/25/10, Autism N 10/14/11
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Re: Tell me about IUD's

I have a Mirena. It's actually my second one. I had the first for about 15 months and it made my periods much lighter, which was nice. However, I was working out like crazy and eating very carefully and still gained weight. I took it out and lost 30 pounds in 2 months without doing anything.

The second one I had put in last September. Within 2 weeks I got my first UTI (first I'd ever had). Then I got BV, and then a yeast infection. I've been in that cycle ever since--UTI, BV, yeast over and over. I've NEVER had these issues before. I'm thinking about getting mine removed but not sure what to go with next.
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