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Stretch Marks. Tell Me All You Know!

I am a Mama that seems to have NO elasticity in my skin. My stretch marks are IMPRESSIVE! I have a hard time accepting all of them, as I am sure many Mamas can understand.
What can I do? Besides just fall in love with all of me
I was small, like size 3 to 5 in jeans before getting pregnant with my first. I went from 116 pounds to 178, my second and third pregnancy was not much gentler, and I had big babies. I have thin silvery stretch marks, darker and wider ones, and some very deep, red, wide, angry ones. I stretched so much in some areas that I saw a few dermatologists while pregnant, they were concerned about my skin!
I am fortunate to have lost just about all the weight after three children, I hang out about 120 now. Some belly plumpiness aside, most of my issues loving me and fitting into nice clothing is all the extra skin!
I literally have stretch marks everywhere. Backs of my arms, ALL of my breasts, including the way top (so even more modestly low shirts show them), back, sides, legs even down to my ankles, pubic area, and my belly of course. Oh, my belly...there really isn't any area on my belly left that did not stretch. It is a giant span of rippled skin. Nice and soft at least! And the red, deep, angry stretch marks? Start on my sides, follow to my hips, up my belly, down my thighs...there are none that are less than an inch wide and two inches in length!

Can anyone commiserate with me?
Anyone done anything that improved their stretch marks? How about tighten up loose skin?


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I can commiserate, but have no suggestions. I was about the same size before and after kids as you and have stretch marks all the way down to my knees. No matter how good a bathing suit looks, that's all I see :-(
Sorry if I haven't gotten back with anyone via PM. Still learning the iPhone app and not very "techy".
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I've heard better things about Bio Oil than Mederma.

I'm mobile.... sorry for the typos!
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Re: Stretch Marks. Tell Me All You Know!

I'm right there with you. My babies have nowhere to go but out due to my being short and having a short torso. I literally have an inch of space between my last floating rib and the iliac crest. The result was mildly ripped abdominal muscles on both sides, horribly saggy skin, and deep red stretchmarks that resemble zebra stripes. Unfortunately a dermatologist and a plastic surgeon have said nothing can help the stretchmarks no matter how fancy the cream or how expensive it is. Treatments can make the stretchmarks fade but never go completely away which is probably why some people swear cocoa butter or vitamin e capsules make them disappear. I have to have reconstructive surgery and a tummy tuck in order to fix the torn muscles and flappy skin. Like that is ever going to happen lol. I eat and I look like I'm pregnant. Oh well.
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Re: Stretch Marks. Tell Me All You Know!

I finally lost all my baby weight and then some and have this issue. I could not wear a bikini and look good if you paid me. Not sure if it will ever fix.
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I was 105, 5'3 pre kids. Mine went out too! Lucky for me I only have 5 small stretch marks. As far as looking preggo- I do to, after I eat! I fluctuate from 105-110. I started working out and there are a few exercises that will help knit abs back together. I had at least a two Inch gap (check by laying down, legs up, lift your head up a bit & stick your fingers into the gap) but now it's an inch. You can do some GENTLE slow crossover crunches. Lay flat, raise left then gently crunch your right arm over to your left leg. (Keep other hand on tummy to support muscles.) if you see "lump" you shouldn't do these.
Otherwise the bridge is good, also using an excersice ball. (Hold it on the wall & do push ups, or behind you & squat & repeat.
Or simply sit straight w/feet on the floor & suck those muscles in kind of like you do kegals. :thumbs up:
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Re: Stretch Marks. Tell Me All You Know!

I did not get many with my son (I am a bigger girl to begin with, about 170, very tall) but I was also very young. This time my belly and thighs are just ripping open, it sucks! (whats sad is I am 36 weeks and I am still two pounds down from when I went in the first time at 9 weeks) - Bio Oil seems to be doing a decent job at reducing the redness and darkness of them. I have also heard that tanning can help reduce them to the silvery lines, but I refuse to tan and I don't recommend it.
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I've learned to always wear long skirts or Capri's. the only part of me that's not covered in 16 year old stretch marks is my lower arms and below my calves. I wouldn't be caught dead in a swim suit so I wear shorts and a tank in the pool. I look forward to a full body tuck someday. If i was rich i would wear body makeup on my legs and arms. Gaining 50 pounds in just 4 months with my first pregnancy did my body no favors. I remember sitting at work one day and feeling my stomach skin ripping. That sucked. It's hard to be proud of stretch marks when they are as bad as some us seems to get them.
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Re: Stretch Marks. Tell Me All You Know!

There is no remedy for my stretch marks. I'm probably going to get a boob lift in a couple years(need to wean dd and lose weight), but my belly and butt are going to stay as they are. I don't really want a huge scar across my belly. Other than surgery, I don't think any cream in the world will do anything for me at this point. Such is life, lol!
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Re: Stretch Marks. Tell Me All You Know!

There's no way to get rid of them. I've had my stretch marks since the 3rd grade, so loooonnnng before pregnancy. I've tried everything, they'll lighten on their own (which does me no good because I'm African American), but they are still visible.
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