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The incredibly late home birth story of Lennon Solomon

I know, I know, 3 1/2 years late, but wanted to share! I lost the original story when my lap top crashed years ago, but wanted to re-write it before I lost more memory of it.

On October 12, 2009 I woke up to some light spotting. I was nearly 4 weeks early so I didn't think I was going into labor anytime soon! A few hours later, I started to have very light, non consistent contractions. I then decided to call my midwife to at least let her know. She said to take a warm bath and if the contractions still came, to call her back. A bath, a cup of tea, and a few episodes of friends later they hadn't stopped, but were still not painful at all and very inconsistent. I called her back with the news, and she decided to come check me.
When she checked my cervix, I was 3cm dilated, and fully effaced. When she pulled her fingers out a ton of bright red show appeared! She told me I was indeed in early labor I was 36 weeks, 2 days. 36 1/2 weeks was her cut off for home births, but since I had such a great pregnancy and was measuring right on she said she was good to deliver me at home if I was ok with it too. I was!
I called DH to let him know. My midwife said that she expected me to be in real labor by morning (this was probably at 2pm.) DH was scheduled to work until 11pm. I told him not to come home early since nothing was painful.
By 7pm, things were still not painful but they were coming very often. I decided to have DH come home.
He got home about a half hour later. I asked him to make me some food and told him that I would time my own contractions. We started doing that when my SILs came over to say hi. While they were there and I was munching on some noodles, things really started to feel intense. We sent them out for plastic covering and some HB supplies we didn't have. By the time they were back, I was in full on labor. We called the midwife and called my mom to come down, who was a 4 hour drive from us.
When my midwife came in the door at about 8:30pm, I was crying. I shouted out "What if I'm not really in labor? How much worse is this going to get?!" She sort of chuckled, told me not to worry - I was definitely in labor! She checked me - 4cm. I was definitely upset, but I went with it. I asked them to fill the tub.
I labored alone in the bedroom for awhile while they filled the tub and layed down plastic. I was miserable. Vomitting, and feeling really hot and sucky. When the tub was finally filled about an hour later, I was so excited to get in. My and DH both got in. For a few contractions, it was nice, but I was still really nauseated. It helped with the pain of the contractions, but I was throwing up over the side into a garbage can. I wanted DH to hold a cold cloth on my head, but every time he didn't take it away during a contraction I got...well...unpleasant
Finally, around 2am my mom got there. I remember feeling such relief when she walked in the door. I told her how miserable I was and that the tub was too hot. She suggested I get my head it was like "Duh! You didn't have to stay here!" So I got out. To this day, I find it hilarious that the thought had never occured to me.
I labored on the living room futon for awhile but could NOT get comfortable. I asked my midwife to check me. 4. freakin. centimeters. I could have cried. I felt like things were getting so much more intense but I hadn't made any progress. I tried the ball for about an hour. 4 cm. By that point, I was making frequent and miserable trips to the bathroom, so at a certain point I just decided to stay on the tiolet. It turned out to be my magic spot. My midwife gave me a pep talk to stay positive, and by that point I agreed and decided to stop the whining a be a trooper. It helped SO much. I was shaking and cold, and dozing in between contractions so everything mentioned it looked like I was in transition, but I didn't even want to hear it. I didn't want to be set up for dissapointment. About an hour of being on the tiolet, I wanted to move back into the living room. There she checked me. 9cm! From 4-9 in ONE HOUR. I was ecstatic. After another hour, nothing more had happened so I asked her to break my water. After that, I started to push. Things weren't super intense, it was kind of nice in a way. I think I was technically in my "resting phase" but it gave me a nice relaxed and energized feeling like I was ready to just push. I pushed for about 10 mins when the head started to appear. I remember my midwife telling me that his cord might be around the neck so she really wanted to get the pushing going. Within 3 minutes of his head starting to show, his head was out. I was so amazed looking down inbetween that contraction. I looked at his face and he let out a little cry, we all laughed! It was a moment of pure bliss. The next contraction, I barley pushed and his body slid out. I don't think I've ever felt such a feeling as looking my first born in the eyes. He was the most gorgeous, sweet little thing I've ever laid my eyes on. And the cord was not around his head, but wrapped tightly around a blue little foot Lennon Solomon was born at 5:35am on October 12th, 2009. He weighed 6lbs, 8oz and was 19" long. Other than some jaundice and nursing troubles he was a healthy and happy 36 weeker. He's a joy

A few days old:

Lennon and my DH:

Lennon and my midwife at our last 6 week appointment:


K&K My little firecracker Lennon 10.09, crying before he fully emerged and My little sweetheart Indi 6.12, born smiling

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Re: The incredibly late home birth story of Lennon Solomon

Yay! Congrats - a beautiful story and a beautiful baby boy! Love the baby legs and CD pic! I'm due in 2 months and starting to read birth stories to encourage me with my second natural birth in a birth center.
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Aww thanks for sharing!
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Re: The incredibly late home birth story of Lennon Solomon

Aww, what an awesome story! Reminds me that I need to post mine... its been over 2 years since my first!
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Re: The incredibly late home birth story of Lennon Solomon

So precious!
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