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3 year old and night diapers

My dd is day time potty trained and has been for some time. She however will have accidents during the night if she doesn't wear a diaper. So she wears diapers to bed. Tonight at bedtime I said to come here so I can put your diaper on and she looks at me and says "I too big for diapeys!". It made me sad I told her she is a big girl but its okay to wear diapers to bed so we don't have accidents and get the bed all wet. What do I do? She wakes up wet every morning. I'm thinking pull ups vs "diapers", especially since the diapers she very much associates with the baby (cloth and uses full time-she's 1). She also recently does not want to be called baby, as in "come here baby" or "you're my baby". She gets very mad and says "I not a baby!" and will start crying. Soooo I'm thinking if I buy her pull ups and call them pull ups vs diapers then she will feel better about it. What do you think? So bittersweet when they are learning to be so independent. Awe


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Re: 3 year old and night diapers

We did that with my now 4 year old. We called them "night time underpants" not pullups. This is just because we have a friend who calls her babies diapers pull ups all the time. He didn't want to wear diapers but thought it was cool he had special night time underpants.
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I would get trainers. I had to do this with DS1. We call them his "special nighttime underwear". I got almost all of his custom done and let him pick out all the fabric and colors, so he is excited to wear them. I just had to make sure none of them had the side snaps, because he thinks those are "diapers". Of course after all his customs came in he hasn't even peed in them. Lol. I think the way to get them fully potty trained is to drop money on some new trainers and then they are magically done peeing the bed at night
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Re: 3 year old and night diapers

My 4 yo and 2.5 yo are both potty trained during the day, but nap and bed time they both need diapers. Neither one mind yet, but I remember sposie pull ups are not very absorbant for night time esp, even at nap they leaked sometimes and cloth trainers are the same. I put a sposie on my 2.5 yo and he started screaming it hurt the other day and he also ask what it was. Anyway, as far as cloth GV trainers hold nothing, Flips are my favorite, I think if you need more you could get a doubler to fit with the Flip insert, they pull up and down like a pull-up and my 4yo knows it's a trainer and not a diaper. It's printed like undies (but we didn't use BG, so he didn't know the print) and fairly trim. My DS grow out of the "I'm not a baby" stage very quickly and know says that he is a baby. So, this may not last long.
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Re: 3 year old and night diapers

Well, for my pocket book and sanity I just had a reasonable talk with my 3 1/2 year old and explained to him that he's not a baby but it sometimes takes longer to learn to hold your potty all night long....and so until he CAN do that he will wear a cloth diaper just for bed.

I can't afford to waste pull-ups when I KNOW he is going to pee in it.

I do buy pull-ups for leaving the house...we need the security of not getting his clothes wet in an accident/can't find a toilet/can't stop the car, etc. But, there are plenty of days where he goes an ENTIRE day without wetting the pull-up, even at an amusement park!

If we're at home (or family's homes) he wears regular undies, during the day.
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My 4 year old still needs diapers at nap and bed. When she turned 4, I bought a few pairs of mother ease bedwetters. We call them her unders. Until then, I just explained to her that she needed diapers at night/nap, and just never let there be a discussion about it. She, too, didn't want diapers like babies. Perhaps as she grows out of the current diapers you could replace them with something that doesn't look like the baby's diapers? Cloth pull-ups worked for us.
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Re: 3 year old and night diapers

We did (and still do most nights, although DS is now pretty much always dry) a mix of cloth and paper pull ups for night time (we use paper when the cloth are all dirty, which happens a lot since DH is in charge of laundry). I let DS pick the fabrics and he adores them (we like ladder hill designs).
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Re: 3 year old and night diapers

We have a Flip trainer for my 3yo (it's a little on the small side). We let her pick the color of her "special nighttime undies". She willingly wears them and loves the color she picked.
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