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Re: One year old peeing on me

I worked in a little daycare center in the early 80s. The building was old, and was built before disposable diapers were popular. So, the baby rooms had a toilet that was mounted at counter height, next to the diaper changer. The teachers (who were all in their 50s and 60s then) would take the baby's diaper off, put the baby on the potty, wait a few minutes, then put the baby in a new diaper.

The toilet was also used for cleaning diapers too. But, it was their big potty training tool. Most of the babies were potty trained before they got into the toddler room.

The newer buildings were built without that big toilet, but I always thought it was a pretty good idea.


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Re: One year old peeing on me

Originally Posted by escapethevillage View Post
I've seen kids do that. You can tell by the glimmer in their eye that they think it's funny.

It is kind of funny really.

I'd just cover it too. Keep an extra prefold under him, and over him, then change him with another diaper.

If you want to, you can get a potty seat and put him on there. Maybe, if your changing table is big enough, you can set him on the table on his potty, then put his diaper on after he's had a chance to pee. Since he's obviously impressed with himself, maybe he'll keep it up.

My daughter was completely trained by 18 months because she didn't like to wear clothes, but didn't like peeing on her legs either. So, she quickly figured that out. All I did was leave the potty chair out for her to use... I didn't even force her to sit there.
DD loved peeing on the changing table. I got a baby bjorn little potty. I'd take her diaper off quick & pop her on the potty (on top of the changing table). I'd chat w/ her until she went. Then I'd act super excited she peed & take her off to put her diaper back on.
Maybe if you give him a big enough reaction for peeing on the potty he'll want that more than the reaction he's currently getting for peeing on the changing table? Worked for my DD.
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He's already peeing in a toilet, right?

So seems like he would do the same with a portable potty?
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Re: One year old peeing on me

Thanks everyone! These are great ideas and that's really cool about the 80's daycare toilet - is it weird that I kind of want one of those?! I think I'm going to try getting a potty for him and see how that goes... maybe I'll just put it where he can get to it during playtime and see if he's interested in it. Our changing table is tiny and my son is enormous but I could put one next to it too. Apparently I decided I was done with diapers at 16 months old, so who knows! And if not, I'll just have to be better at ignoring it
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If your sons poo is pretty solid, could you try putting the diaper on backwards for a week or so? So that you fasten it in the back like a g diaper. That way he is laying onto the diaper and even if he does pee it doesn't hit you. Then when he's moved on from the "pee on mommy" routine, he'll have forgotten and you can go back to putting them on normally?
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