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Re: what got you through transition (natural birth)?

Originally Posted by omahonycm View Post
That was me too! Less than an hour. Crazy stuff, eh?
I wish I had been as relaxed about it the first time around. Gotta learn somehow, though


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Re: what got you through transition (natural birth)?

Originally Posted by littlehands View Post
I think I have a high pain threshold or something, because I pretty much could be a poster girl for hypnobirthing. I get hyper-focused and kind of curl up inside myself emotionally. I don't talk much or vocalize much. Just focus on the breathing, etc. There is always one point in my labors where I think, "If I were at the hospital, I would SO take the drugs." And then I remind myself that I'm not, and they're not available and move on.

Just for the record, when they make it seem like hypnobirthing is some magic pill that makes labor orgasmic and all the pain go away, they are lying. (Okay, fine, MAYBE it really does work that way for some women.) Just because someone isn't screaming or freaking out doesn't mean it still doesn't hurt like *$ll, because it does. LOL
Yes, this is me too. It's all inside my head and all I want is to be left alone and for no one to talk to me!! I want someone (DH) there so I can grab a hand if necessary, but silent! With DS1, there was a very chatty nurse in the room (sweet, but chatty!) and she and DH were just jabbering away and I wanted to scream "SHUT UP! JUST SHUT UP!!" but was too far inside my own head to form the words. A couple of times DH asked me what I wanted him to do and I managed to say "Quiet, I need quiet," but each time it only lasted a minute or two before they were chatting again. That was one more more thing that was amazing about my homebirth - the midwife didn't make it in time so it was just me and DH - it was dim (only bedside lamps on, middle of the night), and quiet. No one talking or telling me what to do, or asking me stupid questions (rate the pain? no thanks!).

My first 2 were unmedicated, natural births at the hospital and the third was a home waterbirth. The water was AWESOME.

I don't remember transition with my first because the fact that it was happening was so crazy and unexpected - early baby, 35 weeks. With my 2nd, I started thinking "WhyTF did I want to do this again?!?!?!?" and realized after that contraction that I was in transition. It's the thoughts that signal it for me. When I start thinking "WHY??" or "I can't do this, it hurts!" then I can recognize transition. And my labors are FAST. DD was 2.5 hours total, DS1 was 1h 10m total, DS2 was 35 minutes total. So transition hits hard and fast.

Originally Posted by Queensasha17 View Post
Thanks ladies will definitely talk to them and see what they say. I think I just need to be more direct with my ob that I need her to answer my questions. She just rushes me in and out, haven't gotten any good talking time about how her deliveries normally go.
Also remember that when they tell you that you HAVE to do something, it's just policy. They can't force you. So if they tell you they have to keep you strapped, just get up. I agreed to a heparin lock with my 2nd (1st wasn't an issue cause we were in Germany and they don't tether you with IVs for no reason) so that they could still access my vein in an emergency, but I wasn't attached to an IV and I could move. I ended up on my hands and knees on the bed in transition there because it was how my body dealt best with the contractions and pushing. I remember my doc asking me to turn over and I just barked "NO." That was what was working for me and she was just going to have to roll with it. (She did, it was fine.)
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I think it can also depend on how fast or slow you go. My doula was just telling me yesterday at our 6 week pp visit that the speed I went through was amazingly tough (4-10 in less than an hour). I was commenting on how I wished I could have been more serene in the tub.

So there's that factor that you really can't predict. Of course, if you're better at relaxing, you might do better.
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This sounds silly, but I had no clue I was in transition because I couldn't believe I could be that close already. When I threw up, I thought briefly that that was a sign of transition, but discarded the notion because it was so soon. I actually joked between contractions that dinner tasted better the first time

My coping strategy was pretty much the same throughout labor - LOW moaning and reminding myself that my body was producing the pain, therefore my body must be able to bear it. I did some visualization of opening, but really found that the lower I could moan ("O" sounds), the more I could bear it. DH was amazing at reminding me when I would start to whimper or scream instead of moaning.

(I was also shocked when I suddenly had to push - I had NO idea she was coming so quickly!)
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Re: what got you through transition (natural birth)?

Cussing out the midwife in my head (she mentioned that "gas" was available if I wanted it)... At the time I though that meant she though I couldn't do it naturally....

Eh, whatever -- it worked.
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Re: what got you through transition (natural birth)?

bradly method! relax all your muscles... it is almost what you do when you drank something and is going down the wrong pipe, you try to get calm and cough and calm....

with the pain, intense I find a position that I like, usually sitting on the potty, seems to have the right support, then I relax my muscles.... Or when you have asthma adn you don't have your inhalor... you have to relax and stay calm...

you relax all your lower bowl muscles... if you tense up, you will loose it.... then transition hits and i get off the potty and stand up and yell! usually something like I want my mommy! (who is usually watching my other kids) then bend over and push the baby out.... Thankfully my pushing state is very short, and labor long.

make hand signals for what you want...

1. pinky up means "someone put ice in my mouth RIGHT NOW"
2. pointer up means "someone clean my face"
3. thumb up means contraction begining, I usually make people tell me the half way time, like a contraction is "usually" one minute, so I raise my finger to tell them that one is begining, so they tell me 30 seconds, 45, seconds. one min..... It helps me know that it will not last forever! this is the part that really saves my sanity and stay together... mind you that I don't mind yelling.

THen I have a friend whose sole job is to pray for me.... I look at her and she knows I need extra help....
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Re: what got you through transition (natural birth)?

This is a great thread. I have been invited to be present at my granddaughter's birth. My dil is a very strong and determined woman and I want to support her.
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Re: what got you through transition (natural birth)?

All fours, in a tub of hot water, rocking back and forth. It felt great to rock. When I noticed I was holding my breath, I would remind myself to breathe deeply and that would instantly allow me to relax into rocking again. Low moaning helped and came very naturally without any thought to it. I remember thinking I had really gotten myself into a big mess and I said to my midwife, in a very serious calm voice: "I can't do this." She just smiled and said "You already are and you're doing great!" That was what I needed to hear, I guess and I kept going. Then I got really tired right after that and told my midwife I was just gonna take a short nap. She was like "Nope. Now you're gonna push! Your baby's head is right there! Feel it!" And that shocked me and I decided I should probably push so I could be done and see my baby. lol

I wasn't contracting at all when my water broke at 10 am. We arrived at the hospital at 11:15 and I was dilated to 4 cm. I got in the tub just before 12 and started pushing at 2 pm. Baby was born at 2:22 pm!

To me, the water made all the difference. I won't labor without a tub available!! lol
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Re: what got you through transition (natural birth)?

rocking on a birthing ball and just sitting, leaned on my dh crying was what I did during transition... I was kinda in a trance and did not want to move or be touched. Pushing was awesome though... I treated it like a workout... like when you try to get more reps. I pushed to a ten count with each contraction and really curled up on myself while holding the handle bars on the side of the bed. I tried squatting but couldn't support myself so bed it was! Good luck momma!
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I had a water birth. My transition was about 2 contractions long, and we could tell because my "ohs" were a little higher pitched. My midwife had to remind me to lower my pitch and go deeper. Then it was over, all done. Just surrender.
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