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Re: Last Baby? Anyone?

Originally Posted by sisu View Post
It seems like the day my son turned three (back in March) a switch flipped and he went from being the mellowest little sweetheart to a terror. Some days I his behavior makes me think that we were crazy for trying for #3, never mind having more after this one is born. If he doesn't chill out a bit before August I might have to list him on Craigslist.

I'm an only child, too, and that's what made me really want a bigger family. It's wonderful to hear an experienced mama like yourself talk so positively about having a big family, most of the people we know think having more than 2 kids (especially if you get a boy and a girl for the first 2) is craaaaaazy. Lol.
at listing him on Craigslist! Some days I want to list mine!!!!!

We have the girl and boy thing and people thought we were NUTS when we announced #3 was on the way! It's VERY hard when they are all extremely little to think that having 6+ is a good thing. Big families are the norm (when I say big I mean 4+) in my family. I think it would be a lot easier if some of my kids were older and could help me out. Right now I already have 2 toddlers and will soon have another nb. Maybe when DD is older I'll feel like 4 won't even be enough. That's why I'm sure that even after a 4th child DH and I won't do anything permanent to keep from having them. Heck....I'm only 27 and DH is 26....we very likely may change our minds, but for right now...for seems like we'll have one more and then see.


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Re: Last Baby? Anyone?

This is for sure my last. I absolutely HATE pregnancy! However it's worth the joy it brings in the end and for some reason this pregnancy has been easier than any of the others. I suffer from hyperemesis and did so with my last two the entire pregnancy. This one I got it late and it ended shortly (although I still have to take zofran and unisom at night). I thought we were done after the last, but it just didn't feel right and I always wanted 3. I will now have 3 boys and my DH is getting snipped on 6/28. I have a lot of issues with hormones in BC and I read that getting myself fixed can lead to issues later on (even though it has nothing to do with not releasing an egg). I was a nurse in OB and you wouldn't believe how many women had hormone issues after being fixed. Many opted to get a reversal and felt so much better after. Just a warning to those of you who are thinking of getting it done yourself. It is much easier for the man to get snipped than the woman.
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Originally Posted by 3 ladybugs
It is funny to me that some of you list age as a factor. I am 36 and age has NOTHING to do with my decision. DH is 38 too. My sisters are much younger then me though so maybe that is why I don't see it as a bad thing to have children later in life... if that is what you want.
For us, my Gyn issues are the biggest factor but DH will be 59 when this baby graduates from high school. I can understand why he doesn't want to be any older with kids still at home. He and I each had our fun when we were younger too, but we still want retirement as well, like Vanessa said. If we were just starting out, we would push past the age risks too, but there are more risks for mama and baby as mom's age increases.

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Part of me wants a big family while most of me is barely hanging onto sanity half the time... Dh would love to have a lot more, I'm totally undecided.

The "plan" at this point, in my mind anyway, is that we are either done, or will go for one more (#4) within a couple years of this little dude being born. Then we'd have two sets of two close in age. (my youngest now is 4).

Truthfully though, if everything goes smoothly, finances agree, I haven't lost my mind (completely), I may be open to many more.

So I guess you can put me down for a great big "undecided"!

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Re: Last Baby? Anyone?

I love our big family! I love it that our children always have someone to play with, they always have a big cheering section at events. I love the busyness of our lives. However, I am not in love with pregnancy and birth. I am also ready to move beyond the baby/toddler stage, even though I know I will miss it. I think that I am ready to be done in general.
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Re: Last Baby? Anyone?

This is baby #5 for us, and we are pretty sure we are done. I always thought 4-6 would be great, but each pregnancy is harder on my body and I think it is time to stop. DH hates seeing me suffer
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This is for sure our last . 3 is the limit for DH and I, I plan to have my tubes tied right after delivery .
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4th and final here. I can't do this again.
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Re: Last Baby? Anyone?

This will likely be our last. I would absolutely love more later down the road, but dh really doesn't want another one at all. He was happy with just our two boys and it took about a year to convince him to try for one more because I wanted my girl. Well, I got her, so he's done. I would love to have 5 or 6 kids but it won't happen.
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Re: Last Baby? Anyone?

This is our last as I am 38 and don't think I could handle anymore. We thought we were done with the last one though.
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