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Re: Is a co-sleeper worth it?

We have loved ours. We never had a crib for younger DS and DD sleeps all night in the co-sleeper.
One thing that worked for us when we had DS #2 is that older DS had a mattress on the floor next to our bed. He could be right there with us but we weren't all squished in the bed.


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Re: Is a co-sleeper worth it?

I love ours We used it for a year, snugged up to the bed and it was well worth it. Plus when she was itty bitty we could wheel it into whatever room we were in when she didn't have much of a sleep schedule. It was nice to be able to have her in any room we wanted. We had the mini.....
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Re: Is a co-sleeper worth it?

I so used mine, I would unattach it and bring it in the living room during the day when she was first born. I loved being able to have her at my height and touch her as I went to bed at night. I have the mini and Can't wait to get it out if we ever have #2. It was worth the money to me. If you co-sleep with a bigger one as well I think the investment would be worth it.
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Re: Is a co-sleeper worth it?

I would have to say I am mixed on the co-sleeper. I purchased an EEUC mini co-sleeper on Craigslist and she does OK in it but much prefers to be in bed with us. Truth be told that it's easier to have her with me anyway since I am EBF. The problem we are encountering is our 3.5 year old who has stopped sleeping through the night and has been coming into our room around 2:00am and I don't feel comfortable with both of them in the bed since he moves so much. She will sleep in it for about 2 hours tops where as she would sleep a good 4 hour stretch in bed with us. I have a feeling it will probably end up as a folded laundry holder eventually
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Re: Is a co-sleeper worth it?

We have the mini and I love it--I got it used on Ebay and its in great condition. And we use it attached securely to the bed, with one side open, so she is really right next to me, but I never have to worry about smooshing her. For a little while early on I would sleep with her in the crook of my arm for part of the night, she was swaddled but it just wasnt enough for her I guess, and Id just "reach" over and pull her in, but then she started sleeping longer, and now she sleeps the whole night in there, with naps during the day in her crib in her room. And as for the loud baby sleeping sounds, we run a fan on high right outside the bedroom so it drowns out most sounds. I love having her right there, and lying next to her when she wakes up smiling in the morning is the best part of my day!!!
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Re: Is a co-sleeper worth it?

Originally Posted by Rhianna'sMommy View Post
We part time co-sleep in our family (meaning dd#1 starts out the night in her own bed but can come to ours whenever she wants in the night). We now have a week old baby who seems to prefer to be in our bed to the bassinet beside out bed. The only problem is when dd#1 comes to our bed that it pushes the baby a little closer to the edge of the bed than I'm comfortable with but again she won't stay in the bassinet for long. So I'm debating getting a co-sleeper so I can basically lay my hand on/by her but not have to worry about her falling off the bed. And hopefully I'd sleep better because she's not squished up next to me. Co-sleepers are rather expensive though so I don't want to spend the money to find that it is about as effective as the bassinet. So what are you opinions on the co-sleeper?

I actually use a sling to prevent the baby from falling out. Imagine the baby nursing; I secure him in place by putting the sling around my midsection (obviously not over my shoulder at all), which puts it covering him from the waist down. Not tight mind you, just enough so that, when he does starting rolling over by surprise in the middle of the night for the first time, he cannot go far. It also acts as a light cover for him, so I don't have to worry about blankets riding up to his face.

I'm not one to toss around in my sleep though, so this may make a difference.
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Re: Is a co-sleeper worth it?

Thanks for all your opinions. I still don't know if it is worth the money for us or not though. We do swaddle - she hates not being swaddled at night so that isn't optional. I think for now we'll keep working on the bassinet and if in a few weeks things aren't improving consider spending the money then.
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