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Before I went to the recommended extreme I would want to know a few things. What are her diapers like? As in, is she wetting frequently throughout the day? Is she happy or consistently fussy?

I would definitely want her to gain a little faster, but I would be very careful supplementing. It can start a very vicious cycle that can be hard to break.

Have you tried making lactation cookies? There was a post on those not long ago. They are delicious and can help your supply tremendously. And don't worry about eating cookies, you are feeding baby!!! Make sure you are drinking tons of water. Eat oatmeal, drink mothers milk tea, etc.

For right now, offer the breast frequently. I'd go every hour and a half if she will take it. And pump after feedings when you can.

Most importantly, follow your gut. Even at only five weeks you know your baby better than anyone. If you think she's hungry and not getting enough, add a bottle here and there. If you think she's a happy, healthy little girl who just doesn't gain fast then monitor and plug along. Just keep track and make sure she's gaining.

Good luck Mama!


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Re: Slow weight gain. Pediatrician wants us to supplement. Opinions?

I have a thread about this but have you been checked for breast hypoplasia? I had no idea until recently I had it and I've breastfed 5 babies! Some have had issues and some haven't, though all have been slow gainers the first month. You can read the study that helped me figure out here I would ask the LC you talk to what she thinks.

I think some kids can be slower gainers, but I would be concerned about a baby that was not up to birth weight by at least 1 month old and gaining steadily from then on. It can take some women a month to establish a good supply, but after that, I think intervention is appropriate.

What I would do is this - get a medical grade baby scale. You can check with electric breast pump rental places, they sometimes have them. If not, I know Babies R Us sells scales for about $60. You want the ones that are accurate to the .5 oz

I kept my very jaundiced 3rd baby out of the hospital by using one of these. I would weigh the baby before and after breastfeeding. In my case, it showed me that my baby was getting approximately 1.5 oz per feeding (every 2-3 hours). My ped said he needed a minimum of 2 oz every 3 hours, so I was close, but not quite there. So we would make a 2 oz bottle of formula and let him take it. He usually only took about an oz which was perfect! His bili level dropped rapidly and we only had to do the at home lights (which previously weren't working enough).

Ask your ped what is the minimum amount of oz she should be getting and how often. Weigh before and after breastfeedings. If its less than the right amount then make a small bottle and let her drink what she wants of it. I wouldn't force her to drink the whole thing. I bet she's self-regulating her intake well and that 1 oz she drank was exactly what she needed. It just helps clarify everything when you can measure her BM intake and the scale will help you immensively! It will also let you monitor her weight at home which is helpful.

While she gets her supplementary bottle (or right after), you go use a electric pump. I did it for 10 minutes per side and got pretty much nothing. When I did this with my 3rd baby, within about a week he was getting 2 oz per breastfeeding and we were able to drop the supplements. FWIW I have never, ever, even with a "full" supply have been able to pump more than 1-2 oz, and it wasn't uncommon for me to just get drips. So I really hate the pump. But they say it can help and it did for my supply with DS3.

I really messed up with DS4 and didn't do the scale and only a bit of supps to get over the hump of his jaundice afterward just trusted my body to provide for his needs with frequent feeding, etc...but in hindsight he struggled with weight gain his whole first year and its a big regret of mine that I was not proactive.

Hope that helps mama!
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Re: Slow weight gain. Pediatrician wants us to supplement. Opinions?

This has all been great advice! I think if you start to feed overnight you will start to see a huge change. I had a rather large newborn so my ped was never worried about weight gain so I could let him sleep as long as he wanted at night, but he didnt sleep through the night (7-5am) until he was 6 months old. He always woke up at least once or twice before 5am.

I also had to supplement with my son and was able to go back to full breast feeding by the time he was 3 months so hopefully once your babe gains well you will have similar success.
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I would probably follow everything but the supplementing but you could syringe or cup feed any milk you get from pumping
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Re: Slow weight gain. Pediatrician wants us to supplement. Opinions?

OOP, how's it going? Any updates? How are YOU doing? This can all be so very stressful! Hang in there and many prayers.
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Re: Slow weight gain. Pediatrician wants us to supplement. Opinions?

We've been going through lots of the same things & are supplementing too. It's totally ok to supplement, even though it feels kind of like failure. My baby was born 8lbs 15oz and dropped down to 7lbs 5oz by 1 week old. He did have an anterior tongue tie, which we had clipped, but we're still having to supplement. However, he also had a posterior tongue tie which wasn't discovered until he was 9 weeks old. Many people can't recognize posterior ties so you may want to get a second opinion on that. Does nursing hurt or are your nipples misshapen after?
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Re: Slow weight gain. Pediatrician wants us to supplement. Opinions?

If you don't like the plan the LC at your Pedi's office suggested than you should go see another IBCLC. You do need to make some changes to get your girl gaining faster, but there is more than one way to skin a cat. Good luck.
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Re: Slow weight gain. Pediatrician wants us to supplement. Opinions?

I don't understand why you would need to supplement that much after a feeding. I would definitely pump after each feeding though and how baby whatever you get. Maybe a few oz of formula a day but 2oz along with breastfeeding seems like a lot. I also would go no longer than three hours at night until gains are steady. Good luck!
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Re: Slow weight gain. Pediatrician wants us to supplement. Opinions?

I would just nurse her more often. And definitely wake her at night to eat. At 5 weeks, wth not gaining, she does need to be woken to feed. And just nurse her as much as possible, to get your supply up and more into her!
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Your plan is similar to the one I used. Fats are essential for brain development, and it got it in. Just keep pumping after and your supply will grow. We supplemented with 2 oz and kiddo didn't always take it all.
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