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Stash size

How many diapers make a good stash? I have a mix of flats and pockets. My hubby and daycare prefer pockets. Right now if I wash on Monday I have to wash again on Wednesday. I'd really like to add a day in my wash rotation. Will that be leaving dirty diapers too long in the pail?

How many do you like to have in your stash?


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Re: Stash size

I find that 3 days is the longest I can go without having to add oxygen bleach to kill the stink - so I assume extra bacteria start to build up. I prefer to wash every other day. I think its safer.

If you are overwhelmed, I have read many people say that they have enough diapers to last at daycare all week, they still wash every other or every third day but then they sit until the massive weekend folding day to prepare for the next week. Remeber even if you can go 4 days between washing, you may have too many to wash in one load and do 2 diaper loads in one evening for me would not be possible if I wanted to get to bed at a reasonable time.

I like to have enough to last 3 days. That way every evening I am either doing a diaper load of laundry or folding a load of diaper laundry (washed the previous evening). It makes it harder to forget to wash when you know there is at least one diaper task waiting for you when you get home. If there are no diapers in the dryer than its wash day!

With #2 I do not plan to have a weeks worth of diapers at daycare. The number I leave is the # I expect to be used + 2. I want enough diapers in my stash so that we can leave any unused diapers there on the weekend or what not. With my son we didn't have enough covers so we always needed to bring anything unused home and it was a pain -- especially if it was forgotten.
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I wash every 2 days for the same reason. If its a busy weekend I can push things to 3 days max.

As for stash size, if I was a SAHM I could get away with 24 diapers for my baby. It would involve folding/stuffing in the morning because I wash at night. Since I work I prefer 36 diapers so I can do the same as the above poster said and fold everything the next evening and not run out of diapers.
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Re: Stash size

Ok. I think I may have enough after I get the FB I just bought off of here. I was hoping to not have to do wash or folding every day but it sounds like that might be necessary. I definitely don't want a stink problem. I do like the idea of washing them every other day and then just waiting to stuff them. I don't think I'll have enough to wait until the weekend but maybe I will have enough to have a night off every once in a while.

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Re: Stash size

I wash twice a week and have absolutely no problems with stink. Don't make yourself go to extra work just because it *might* cause an issue later (at which point you could just go back to washing every other day, if that happened)

I have about 42 newborn/small dipes and 30 medium/large to wash every 3.5 days. I use a two-size system.

ETA: I don't use 72 dipes in the same rotation! I meant, during the first 9ish months, we needed 42 newborn/small dipes and then the next 12-18 months we used 30 medium/large dipes.

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