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No or low Dairy cooking for kids

I'm looking to cut most of the dairy from our meals. It doesn't have to be completely out...a little cheese on top is fine because I can take it off or leave it off on that section. I'm newly lactose intolerant and ready to stop skipping eating with the family. I cook with a lot of dairy.

I'm looking for things that are "kid friendly." I don't really cook kid food per say and my kids have to eat what I make. At the same time, I'm looking for things they will enjoy.

They like casserole and saucy type foods, like stir-fry type. We don't like a piece of meat (or chicken or pork or whatever) on the plate with side. We do love veggies. We don't like seafood of any kind. (nor can we afford it. ) We don't like spicy foods.

I am willing to try new things...and the kids have no choice.

Thank you!


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Re: No or low Dairy cooking for kids

I'm going to watch this thread!I don't think I've been tolerating dairy lately either and I'm breastfeeding so I'd be interested in ideas!I too cook with a lot of dairy..milk, I need advice.
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Re: No or low Dairy cooking for kids

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Re: No or low Dairy cooking for kids

The best is to look at things you already eat and figure out if you can make them dairy free. Being that you guys like casserole type things makes it a little harder. You can make sub sauces and stuff for those but after a while that gets old. Its actually pretty easy to be dairy free. We've been doing it for 5 years now.

My dd has a diary intolerance (not lactose, but a protein sensitivity). She has had it since 6 weeks old, but wasn't diagnosed until 1. We did a lot of cream soup type casseroles before and were heavy cheese eaters. Now we use very little cow's milk. Creamy dishes don't even appeal to me anymore. We do eat meat, veggie, starch types meals a lot. Actually we do meat like veggie, veggie, starch more often. My dd is also severely allergic to peanuts so we are also peanut and tree nut free (except blue diamond almonds which are the only tree nut guaranteed peanut free). Also pretty much means no seeds as well since most have a peanut cross contamination risk.

Some tips- use olive oil instead of butter in savory dishes or sauteing, use veggie oil in place of butter in baking. Earth's Balance makes an excellent "butter" as far as fake butter goes. The original is soy based but they do make a soy free version. Its in a tub. You can make buttermilk by adding vinegar or lemon juice to a sub milk just like you would cow's milk. I have yet to find a dairy free cream cheese or sour cream that tastes good. And subs can get expensive which is one of the reason we just stopped messing with it. Enjoy Life chocolate chips are awesome! They make good cookies and taste just like regular semi sweet chocolate chips- which if you start trying dairy free chocolate candy you'll discover most does not taste like good chocolate. We use them to make all dd's holiday candy- melt with a squirt of pam and put it in a mold.

What are some of the things you eat? That will help me tell you how to make it dairy free. When we first started this I tried to make everything and gets to be a lot. Very soon you figure out what is worth it and whats not.

Here is a good site
basically any dish that uses milk or butter cooked in we use a sub milk and the sub butter and then cook as usual. But we make a point of looking for meals that are naturally dairy free.

Some of our meals:
cheeseless pizza- we don't mess around with sub cheeses although there are plenty available. We actually find that we don't really miss the cheese all that much.


Sweet and Sour chicken or sweet and sour veggies over rice pilaf

enchiladas- both veggie and meat, this is one that we only top with cheese, so no cheese in the enchiladas only on top so we can keep dd's cheese free.

Lasagna- this is regular lasagna but dd gets cooked noodles layered with sauce baked in a separate dish.

chicken pot pie/ chicken and dumplings- use olive oil to saute the veggies. then add flour to cook and use chicken broth. This will make your creamy base with out using milk or cream soup. I use the same base for both. Let me know if you want the recipe. The dumplings are regular dumplings I just use sub milk to make them.

Beef pot pie- same as above but with beef broth

Shepherds pie- 2 ways- hamburger way uses cheese. browned Hamburger with veggies mixed in, layer of cheese then layer of mashed potato. 2nd way uses beef pot pie type mix then topped with mashed potatoes I use sub milk in the potatoes, but no butter could use sub butter) and baked.

pot roast with roasted veggies and roasted potatoes

this is a favorite we're having it tonight.

pulled pork or beef sandwiches with cole slaw

ham steaks with pineapple, broc and rice pilaf,

tacos, fajitas, burritos just keep the cheese off them or sprinkle a little. Nachos- again no cheese we usually load them up with guac instead of cheese. Dh and I will add sour cream to ours.

turkey and stuffing with veggies

barb chicken with baked beans and sweet potato fries

There are always stews, chili and soups

Hamburgers instead if cheeseburgers- sometimes its as simple as that and after a short while you won't even care about the cheese anymore.

We do pancakes, waffles, muffins all that good stuff we just use the sub milk and butter or veggie oil. Smoothies we don't use yogurt or milk. We use coconut water, regular water or OJ. bananas give it the creaminess that yogurt might.

Special occasion foods can sometimes be harder, but that when you put the internet to good use. I have found an excellent pumpkin pie recipes that doesn't have you making condensed milk with sub milk. Just uses a sub milk. I have also found a fudge recipe recently that doesn't use condenses milk, but we haven't tried it yet.
SAHM to LR 7/26/07 and IHM 10/6/10, wife to a self proclaimed genius, ex-navy guy. Going places and doing things that I always dreamed of, but never imagined I would.

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Re: No or low Dairy cooking for kids

We are a dairy free family. I'm either lactose intolerant or casein intolerant, I don't know which. Tharen is casein intolerant so he can have goats milk products but since we don't know if I can we avoid them most of the time (plus they are pricey, but then so are alternative cheeses). I also happen to be gluten intolerant and can't eat meat so we are gluten free vegan when I cook. I let the kids eat more variety at lunch time.

We eat a lot of soups, things like lentils and bean soups. We do like caserroles as well. I use some alternative cheeses but try not to use too many as they get $$$. Some favorites include

pizza, gluten free with daiya (the only cheese I've found that is completely dairy free). I just don't use too much cheese on it. I personally prefer tomato tarts and I grow my own tomatoes which makes it sooooo much better. I buy Bob's Red Mill GF pizza crust mix which is simple to mix up and makes two pizzas. I make a plain cheese or peperoni pizza for the boys and a tomato tart for dh and I. We go light on cheese.

Black Bean and Sweet Potato enchilada casserole. This is another that takes a bit of alternative cheese but it is a favorite. I layer corn tortillas with seasoned black beans and mashed sweet potatoes and just a little daiya then bake. It comes out like a lasagna but it is a huge hit.

GF and Dairy free Mac and Cheese. I know this sounds crazy but
This is a favorite here. Use any pasta you want and make it with or without cheese (so as an alfredo or as a mac and cheese). It is so easy and so delicious.

Actually check out her whole site, she is vegan so there are plenty of dairy free recipes there. The Sweet Potato chili is excellent, as is the "I ate Candy for Dinner". That is one of my favorite recipes.
I make this with coconut milk (the canned kind) and without flour. It tastes excellent. We love quinoa.
I love this site. I use a lot of her veggie recipes with a few alterations. We have to do a lot of crock pot cooking because we have Taekwondo for 3hours 3-4 nights a week.
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