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GAH!!! I just did, for the first time, something I said I'd never do....I gave my baby formula..AAHHH!!!! I don't even want to type it!!! LOL Here's the deal, though, I have a gorgeous, healthy, (and chunky) 7 months old boy. He weighs in at 18 lb. He's breastfed and happily on solids as well. But this kid DOES.NOT.SLEEP. OMGOODNESS I'm exhausted!! When he was about 3 months old, he started sleeping from 7pm to 3 am, nurse back to sleep and sleep until 6, which was AWESOME. When he hit 5 months, he stopped sleeping. He wakes up every 2-3 hours and nurses back to sleep. It's exhausting. I also have an 8 year old and a 2 year old who is in to EVERYTHING. I tried doing baby food before bed, cereal, you name it. Nothing is working and I'm so desperate for some sleep right now. We've been at this for 2 months. My thought is that he isn't getting enough before bed, and that's why he's waking up? He just whines and I latch him on and he nurses back to sleep for 2 or 3 more hours. SO, I got a bottle and some formula at Wal-Mart today and...GASP...I gave him 3 ounces. He made super funny faces at first but then he took it! I need to know if this is even going to help? I don't want to risk my milk supply by doing formula before bed if it's not going to matter. I gave it to him midday so I can watch him and see how he reacts. Any experience in this area? I really didn't/don't want to give him formula but girls, I am TIRED.


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My baby did this too! Was a great sleeper than at 5 months just stopped sleeping through the night.

Here is what I posted on another thread about sleep. It literally changed our lives for the better in about 1-3ish days my dd was sleeping so much better & no more night feedings & no formula!!

"The book I would recommend is The 90 minute sleep solution. But since you can't read/ don't have time to read it I will summarize it for you.

My dd was 7.5 months when we started this & was waking 2-4 times per night. & it was taking 2 naps per day that were about 25 mins & it took 30 mins to get her to take that 25 min nap. Within 24-48 hrs I noticed a huge improvement. It is so simple to do

The humans level of alertness changes every 90 mins & biologically that is the best time for anyone -especially babies to fall asleep & get deeper more restful sleep. As babies get older they can start staying awake for more 90 min blocks example, 3 hrs or 4.5 hrs.

Here is how you do it: (most babies need a nap 90 mins after waking)
When your DS wakes for the day start a timer
When 80 mins have past go nurse him/rock her what ever is necessary to get her to sleep. (Later after he is getting the rest he needs you can wean him from nursing to sleep but for now I would just nurse him-that is what the book says to do)

When he wakes start your timer. At about 70-75 mins look for signs of sleepiness , yawning, rubbing his eyes. If he is showing signs if sleepiness then around the 80 mins mark nurse him or rock him to sleep.

If he is not showing signs of sleepiness then wait until 15 mins before the 3 hr mark (2 90 min blocks) & look for the signs again. Then rock/nurse him to sleep.

Do the same thing for bed time.

My dd is 12 months old and takes 2 naps
1 -90 mins after waking for 60-80 mins
Then I start my timer again and give her a nap 3 hours (2-90 min blocks) after waking and her 2 nap is 1 hr
Then I start my Timer & put her to bed 4.5 hrs after waking
And she now sleeps 12 hrs at night!!!!"

& we are still going strong at 14 months old!! Also if you don't want your supply to lessen I would pump when you give him the formula.
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Re: BF mom and FORMULA GUILT!!

Oh we are SO going to try that. Thanks, Momma!!
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Re: BF mom and FORMULA GUILT!!

Babies need to wake at night. It keeps them from falling too deeply asleep and dying of SIDS, so it is a small trade off. Some babies can soothe themselves back to sleep. It is simply their personality. Other babies need parental assistance.

Formula is not necessarily going to help your baby sleep. It could potentially cause stomach upset and cause your baby to sleep worse. But it is going to hurt your supply. Unless you plan on offering formula from now on at bed time you will need to pump.

We all do what works for our families. But what Sarah-B said above is very accurate. Babies need to sleep after 90 minute increments of wakefulness. So either, every 90 minutes 3 hours or 6 hours (depending on age/development).

Another positive sleep book is "The No Cry Sleep Solution." That said, I just don't believe in any kind of sleep training before 1 year of age, even gentle methods.
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Just wanted to add another vote for the 90-Minute Sleep Solution. My daughter has always been a terrible sleeper and that book was a game changer for us. At 20 months, she's still not perfect, but we're down to only one short night waking and it feels like heaven! (A HUGE improvement over the every 2 hour wakings she had for months).
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It may not help sorry to say. My sil said hers didn't sleep through the night til full solids at year when they did...not sleep well with bfing.

My boy has to be tired...mines 6 months & would be happy to be latched on all night.... I try to wear him out. We try to walk before bed. My other 2 kids are your kids' ages.... we could be twins with kids ages.....
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Sounds like he hit the 4 month sleep regression late. So no, prolly won't help. My daughter was eff and woke up every 45 minutes during that regression.

My 4 month old wakes up every 2 hrs and it's just life now. He's EBF But it's literally like 10 min of nursing and he's back down.

Starting solids is actually known to wake kids up more often at night. So your solids might also be the culprit for lack of sleep.
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