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I think my son has a dairy allergy - now what?

We mostly drink goat's milk at our house but have regular cheese and yogurt. A couple weeks ago I had ice cream and I noticed my baby's face got a rash and his poop was really slimy. The ice cream did give me gas too. I had ice cream again the other day and again a rash on his face (mild, but a little like baby acne, only it's not, his skin was really clear before these times). I had cow's milk last night and this morning he's gassy and crying. We'll see what his poop is like and if the rash comes back. So, should I cut out all forms of dairy? Just the cow's milk and ice cream? How important is it to cut it out? Like if I don't will it cause damage to him in some ways?


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Re: I think my son has a dairy allergy - now what?

I had 3 out of 4 kids with some form of milk allergy. My oldest son got horrible, painful gas eating/drinking anything with dairy in it. My other children got rashes and slimy poops with the gas.

I eliminated all dairy, even hidden and all the issues went away. I recommend it.
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Re: I think my son has a dairy allergy - now what?

DD2 was sensitive to dairy her first year or so. She was gassy & very unhappy after nursing but no rashes or weird poops. I eliminated obvious dairy -- milk, cheese, ice cream, etc. -- but not hidden stuff. Can't remember exactly when she outgrew it but i think by the time she turned 1 i was eating most things again tho in moderation.
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Re: I think my son has a dairy allergy - now what?

My son's symptoms are gas and gross poop. Almost constant pooping that leaves a horrible rash until he gets it out of his system. If I eat something with dairy, he just gets a stomachache/gas and can't sleep.

We eliminated all obvious dairy and most hidden diary for him. He okay if I eat butter, cream cheese, and parm cheese, but he can't handle me eating other cheese, yogurt, or ice cream. He can't eat a lot of chocolate either.

He will rarely eat goldfish crackers or something like that and so far that has been fine.

He's almost 3 and it took me until he was 2 to figure out the problem. By then he had stopped eating anything orange (cheddar cheese) by himself and stopped eating things off spoons (how I used to give him yogurt and ice cream), which alerted me to the problem as well as the lack of sleep and rashes.
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It varies. Sometimes it is enough to cut out obvious dairy and sometimes you need to be totally dairy free. You will have to test it out.
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I have a milk allergy and I can't tolerate goat's milk either. Some just need to avoid cow's milk but many have to avoid both cow & goat's milk. I'd try cutting out all dairy (make sure to read labels since there's a lot of hidden dairy in foods) for 3 weeks (it can take that long for something to leave your system) and see if it makes a difference. We use fortified rice milk and coconut milk products as alternatives. My son has a severe nut allergy so we keep a nut free home.

But yes, it's important to cut out all dairy and not just milk & ice cream. It can cause digestive damage to keep being exposed to things you are allergic to, your little one will feel yucky and continued exposure can cause worsening reactions that can become life threatening.

I'm allergic to tomatoes, too. My first reaction was a rash and itchiness but I wasn't smart and continued to eat it anyway since it tastes good and ended up having a life threatening reaction. Each time I are it, the reactions got worse and worse so I finally cut it out 100%.

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