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Re: Need to be more mindful of spending

Originally Posted by luvof3boyz View Post
What is your biggest weakness? Eating out, clothes, toys for kids, snacks at convenience stores?

Originally Posted by Tiffanylamp View Post
This is very typical of how our budget works. I feel like we have a couple of really good months with lots of savings and then a couple months were we don't do so hot.

What has helped us is I sat down and really looked at what we spent our money on and then I started planning for those expenses. So, for instance, the holiday months (November and December) and then January when credit came due typically were awful. So, I set up a game plan to help keep it more realistic. I save money the entire year (separate savings acct. money is automatically moved) so that way we never feel "pinched" during that time. I also discovered that fall and spring tends to be when I do a lot of clothes shopping, so I set up a fund for that as well Basically, dh and I have a bunch of savings accts set up with our bank (they are free) just for that purpose. Like I said, it isn't perfect, but it really helps take some of the stress and angst away. Plus, it helps me focus on the dollar amount I have to spend.

For me, the budget didn't get blown because I stopped at starbucks on occasion or brought home take out for dinner. I found it was more about timing. Some parts of the year just takes more money than other parts.

I hope this helps!
Yes, it sounds like this is what I need to do.

Originally Posted by Mags462 View Post
So if you are spending it on stuff you need (eg no milk and eggs so you run to pick it up) then you need to just adjust your budgeting to reflect your true needs - so save $75 per paycheck so that you have $50 more at the end of the month than you previously did, and you aren't dipping into savings either.

If you are spending on slurpees and cute clearance clothes for the kids that aren't NEEDED but super duper cute so you indulged then decide if you are OK with saving less for those things or stop doing it so you can save the full amount.

I think either decision is FINE.... truly. I think sometimes i get into the mindset to save save save, thrift thrift thrift that when i run out of apples because the boys decided to eat 3 (one each) for a snack instead of the other planned snack i had and that means i have to go spend an extra $10 on produce that it is NOT okay - when really, its fine. As long as you are living withing your means and saving for a rainy day and meeting your other financial goals its OK to sometimes lessen that thrifty grip
I do the same thing with produce and I feel that we probably do need to up our grocery budget. We don't eat out much at all but I buy an insane amount of groceries it seems like.

Originally Posted by babyleon View Post
Whats your budget like? i like doing it by oercentages
We make sure the bills are all paid, groceries are bought, gas money is put up then the rest kind of just flies out the window.

Originally Posted by 4kids4me View Post
I'm in a similar boat. We are putting in 1k+ in savings a month and the potential to do even more comfortably, but we end up spending it on "stuff" but have nothing to show for it. I know what I need to do, but it's hard to make that step.
We could probably put 1k in savings a month if I was completely honest with myself.

Originally Posted by greenMImama View Post
Do you have a realistic budget set?

Have you tried using envelopes of cash for your variable spending?
I have tried but I don't think we did it long enough. Probably need to get back to this again.

Originally Posted by mariposablue View Post
I'm learning a lot in the Dave Ramsey thread on how to get more specific with a budget. In the past I have tracked my spending daily for a month to see where the money went. THis gave some good perspective. I know others who have done this and realized they were spending over $60/month on coffee so got a coffeemaker instead. It may help to track it. When I sit down to do my budget in the mext month I am going to try to create categories and use an envelope-like system. I know I spend about $25 per person for b-days in my family. So, with 10 nieces and nephews that's $250/yr. Divide that by 52 weeks and that's $4.80 per paycheck for me or $20.80 each month to set aside. I like the idea of having that set aside so I don't feel like I'm taking from everyday $ for gifts.
I used to follow Dave Ramsey but we never stuck with it for very long. My dh was not on board and not sure if he would be now. It is very hard to do when just one is doing it alone.
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