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Re: How important is the meaning of a name to you?

I like quirky names (improper nouns to be specific) so the meaning behind them doesn't mean much to me. Our son's name doesn't come up when you search for it as it isn't considered a name. The *sound* and popularity of it matter so much more to me, personally.


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I never care about meanings. I'm pretty sure Delaney means child of the enemy.......

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In general the meaning of a name is completely meaningless to me. My name means 'princess' and DH's means 'famed warrior'. Neither of which apply to us at all. If I looked up DS's name (Liam) before he was born I don't remember but it means 'strong-willed warrior'. Well he certainly is strong-willed and it's kind of neat that him and DH both have 'warrior' in their meanings but I never would have chosen based on that alone.

I'm currently pregnant and the girl name we have chosen means 'life' which is special to me as this will hopefully be our rainbow baby after 2 miscarriages. But again, the meaning was discovered after we had chosen the name. It was just a nice coincidence.

IMO, so many name meanings are ridiculous or irrelevant and don't apply to everyday life (but that's just my experience with my name )
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Re: How important is the meaning of a name to you?

We looked at meanings, but in the end, went with the name Hazel. It's doesn't mean anything except hazel And that's ok by me. Her middle name is Ophelia, whose most famous namesake is a tragic character....the name is lovely in spite of its connotation.
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Re: How important is the meaning of a name to you?

Thanks everyone - interesting to read. We don't put a lot of stock into it, but I do always look up names that I like and was a little surprised by Miriam. Though it seems with even more research there is a lot of debate on the origin of the name (Possibly not Hebrew original and may be Egyptian). So...We are still deciding between Miriam Jane and Vivian Leigh for this little girl. We may just have to wait until she is born to decide
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It does to me. Kennedy means mishapen head. Claudia means blind or lame (I can't remember which). Bethanny means house of figs. So if it had a really negative meaning, no.

I'm not really religious so the meaning of a lot of biblical names wouldn't sway me one way or the other. My brother's name David means beloved and I think that's nice.

I also consider literary use. I like the names Cassandra, Ophelia and Peresephone, but I wouldn't pick them because of the tragic connections of those characters.

On the Mary/Miriam thing. I think bitterness or sea of bitterness is an incorrect translation of salt water.

My daughter's middle name is Marin. The books say it means Mary or of the sea. Like marina or marine.
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Re: How important is the meaning of a name to you?

Uh, yes & no...I look at the meanings & that may make me like a name more or less, but it's not a huge deciding factor. The associations of a name make more of a difference to me. Like, I liked the name Tamerlyn for one of my girls & loved that it means "twin", but then, after the Boston bombing, I obviously can't use it--makes me very sad.
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Re: How important is the meaning of a name to you?

Very important...I notice that people do tend to have the same personality as their name, for instance all the people who I have not gotten a long with in life have had the same or very similar names. All of my best friends middle name was nicole, but I have never mixed well with bethanys. We are also religious but didn't give our children biblical names, but they did have biblical meanings, and their names kind of went together.

Axel-Father of Peace, Small Oak (middle name Franklin Levi)
Samara-Under God's Rule, Little Seed (Middle name River)
Gage(due Nov 3)-Oath (Middle name Shepherd)

Oh and my husband also very triumphantly insists that these names also all come from video games.
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Re: How important is the meaning of a name to you?

I wouldn't say meaning really matters to me as much as the association. Generally our kids' names have some sort of positive association for me, such as Harper ( one of my favorite books is is To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee ). We plan to name our upcoming daughter Lucy. My husband and I both really liked the name, partially because one of our favorite songs is " Lucy " by the band Skillet. The song itself is sad, but we loved the name. I just looked it up today to see what the meaning was out of curiosity and it means " light ", as well as St. Lucia was the patron saint of the blind. Even if it had had a negative meaning I don't think it would have changed our minds...she's still going to be Lucy :-)
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Re: How important is the meaning of a name to you?

Not once for any child did we look at the meaning of the name we chose! We just chose the name b/c we liked it! We did eventually look months after our kids were born just for kicks!
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