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Re: potty training under 2yo experiences?

We did EC from about 6 weeks, but he was night dry at 5-6 months and day trained by about 21 months and no set backs since. It depends on the kid sometimes, but every trip to the toilet saves a diaper in my eyes


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Re: potty training under 2yo experiences?

Our daughter has a nanny who's been suggesting we get a potty to start introducing her to it. She's only 18.5 months though, and I want this not to be a high-stress issue. I also don't want to have to put her on the pott every 30-60 min. It's interesting to see the variety of stories. It's hard to know how your child will respond!
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Re: potty training under 2yo experiences?

We ECd from 2 weeks, but after being at 1 miss/day every single day for 6 months, we used the Oh Crap Potty Training method to finish off. Going commando really seemed to make a difference, both for my child's motivation, and for mine. When I knew that there was something (training pants, diapers, whatever) to catch the misses, I was a little less diligent in giving pottytunities, but when you start going out in public and realizing that there's nothing but thin cotton pants between your kid's pee and the floor in the target checkout line, you get really good about noticing their cues and getting them on the potty regularly!
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Re: potty training under 2yo experiences?

My son is 20 months and we are pretty close to having him fully potty trained. I learned that consistency and keeping at it is key. I agree that we could not have done it in three days...two or three weeks maybe. Look for patterns (timing, a certain behavior), offer the potty often, and trust that they can do it. I was super afraid to bring my kid out in public in just underwear and jeans. But once I started doing it, he started holding it longer and longer. If he has an accident, we just change clothes and try again. Keep at it!
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Re: potty training under 2yo experiences?

We attempted with #1 to potty train at a little before two because i listened to everyone who said he should be, it can be done, ect ect. it was the most horrible experience on everyone's part. He didn't care, nothing worked. I was fully sick of taking him to the potty to hopefully catch something and cleaning up accidents. Never ever again did i put any of us (parents and child through that). Now we do naked time at age 3 (unless kids shows signs earlier, none have) all are 100% potty trained with little to no effort on my or DH's part within a week.
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With both of our children we used 3 day potty training at age 2.
My DD picked up right away, BUT she wasnt ready and I pushed her. Lots of tears and self defeate over the next yr as she mastered it.

With our 2nd, a boy, I used the book a few times
and it stuck two to three months after 2.

I was much more lax w him and he isnt upset at all over accidents. Life is better despite a night time pull up.
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Re: potty training under 2yo experiences?

I officially started potty training my girl at 17 months. She was showing all of the signs ob being ready. Initially, I woke her up in the morning by putting her on the potty (she always peed right after she woke up) and we got a pee in the potty almost every morning! That being said, potty training is the hardest thing I've ever done in my life...It's so frustrating. Three steps forward, two steps back. She did great for a week, then horribly for two weeks. She potty trained entirely by the time she was 2, but only for pee. She still hid and pooped her pants if we didn't catch her in time and she had lots of skid marks, like every day, often several in the same day. We struggled for a few months with slow improvement and eventually, she got all her poops and pees in the potty with only rare dribbles and skid marks by the time the was 2 1/2.

My advice, if you think YOU are ready as well as your little one, got for it. But be patient, even as you can feel your blood pressure rise and your hair turn grey!
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Re: potty training under 2yo experiences?

We have had 3 of our 4 children out of diapers by age 2 or just after turning 2 (daytime, our son is in diapers when he sleeps at 3, our older girls never were).

We are working with our almost 2 year old to be out of diapers soon, we're not tied to the age but it's pretty in line with their development. About this age they really get interested, I bunker down and sit with them a lot to explore their curiosity. It's not me pushing, just purposefully slowing our life to stay home and follow them.
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Re: potty training under 2yo experiences?

All kids are really different and I have read about genetics playing into it sometimes. My daughter was almost trained at 18 months then regressed due to a bad yeast infection, she is 4 and still really wet at night but does well during the day. My son is almost 2 and has decided he wants to use the potty, i am just going with the flow when he asks because I dont want to get into the regression mode again. also I wet the bed until I was 10 and my doctor told me it could be passed down so I am not expecting night training to happen anytime soon. A bummer, but not the end of the world as I eventually grew out of it, I expect they will too.
Dont get to wrapped up in having your kids trained in 3 days because, new babies, getting sick, teething, over excitement etc, etc can all end up in some minor set backs. Good luck though I know others that got it done and never had to look back.
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