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Pump output?

Dd is one week old, she was born 3 weeks early and very small. Her latch was/is awful so I've been pumping for her and giving her that in a slow flow bottle. Right now I'm getting about 3-6 ounces a session using a pump in style. She is eating a bit over 2 ounces per feeding. Is this normal? Should I try fenugreek or anything to increase my output?


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Re: Pump output?

That sounds great, but how frequently are you pumping & how frequently is your DD eating? Fenugreek might help & make it easier to build a freezer stash, but you'll also want to make sure you're getting enough water & all that other good stuff.

My DDs were born @ 38 wks & were small. One had a particularly terrible latch, so similar to yours. That 2 oz becomes 3-4oz very quickly. They're 5 wks now, have each gained about 2lbs. One is EBF & I feed her a bottle of pumped milk once a week during a Dr's appt...this week she Hoovered down 3oz in 5-10 min. Her sister is supplemented w/ 1-2 bottles/day (usually before bed & sometimes middle of the night) & usually drinks 3oz, but sometimes 4. Are you interested in getting your DD on the breast, or do you prefer to pump? The pump is (still) much more comfortable than bfing, but I'm afraid of not being able to maintain my supply if I EP.
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That sounds great. You should try to pump the same number times/frequency that she eats too maintain your supply. 3-6 ounces sounds fine. Is she gaining?
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Re: Pump output?

Do you continue to work on her latch? Have you met with a local LC or gone to an LLL meeting? I used a nipple shield with my preemies when learing how to latch and eventually weaned off and just did straight nipple.

You're pumping output will never be 100% as much as what baby is able to get out. Make sure you do skin to skin whenever you can and go without a bra (just hang loose) to help production also.
Mother's milk tea may work better than taking Fenugreek pills.
Make sure you are still drinking lots of water and natural oatmeal (not instant) will also do wonders.
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Re: Pump output?

Sounds like you're doing great!
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Re: Pump output?

My LO is almost 8 months old and I just pumped 3.5 oz. Usually I get 4 sometimes a little more or less. He usually eats 3.5-4 in a bottle while I am at work (3x/day). I am trying to remember what my LC taught me about how much newborns should get. Definitley not 3-4 oz. so I hope you can freeze some of that.

This isn't exactly what I was looking for but kellymom has some good stuff:

Also, looked into pace bottle feeding. my LO sucked back 4 oz. early on but my LC said it was too much. After switching to this style (mimics baby at breast and taking breaks) he settled, ate less, and didn't cry when the bottle was empty but acutally left a little as he was full.
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Re: Pump output?

anything more than 2 oz at a pumping session if its instead of nursing at this age is great. Keep up the good work!
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Re: Pump output?

The first time my little one drank from the bottle (at week 3) he drank 5oz. That was a shock to me because I could only pump 3-4oz per session.
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Re: Pump output?

You got great advice. I spent a couple weeks mostly pumping. My 6 wk old had a BAAAADDDDD tongue tie and it hurt BAAAAADDD when he nursed. Anyways.... i agree work with a lactation consultant to help with his latch. But i want to share with you, Hands on really helped me get all the milk out. Google Hands on Pumping Stanford Hospital. It really helped me until i could get a better latch happening (still working on it ). Great job mama!
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