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Re: 35 weekers anyone??

I was on hospital bedrest nearly two months until my daughter was born at 36 weeks (we were expecting to birth at 35 weeks but they did an ultra scan and she was fine so we were able to get a few extra days). The doctors and nurses helped prepare us for an NICU stay, if needed. I did get a steroid shot at 29 weeks when I was admitted just in case they had to do an emergency C-section.

DD was 5lbs 15 oz and absolutely perfect! She had no breathing problems. She also had a strong breastfeeding latch and suck reflex immediately after birth; a better nurser than any of her full-term brothers! She did not spend any time in the NICU but instead, roomed with me at the hospital, where we stayed for three days so the nurses could track her progress. Our first week at home we had her on the bili-lights (a soft flexible light that wrapped around her torso) to help with her jaundice and the nurses came daily to draw her blood until the count was in the range of normal. This homecare was wonderful since we live in a very rural area a long ways from the hospital.

We did not take our baby out of the house through flu-season (until she was about 3months old), except for doctor visits, and were hyper about hand-washing with our older children as well as any visitors. Even went so far as to install those hand sanitizer pumps in several rooms like the ones they have in the hospital! We also did kangaroo care at home (skin-to-skin contact) which is especially good for preemies to help regulate breathing and encourages a more stable growth curve.

She is now nearly 6-months old and perfectly healthy


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Re: 35 weekers anyone??

Our youngest was a 35 weeker. Almost made it to 36 weeks. She was a very big girl for 35 weeks at 7.5.
She was perfectly healthy although she did have a pretty bad case of jaundice and required a hospital stay at 5 days old for that. None of my other babies had it that badly.
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Re: 35 weekers anyone??

I am new here andi know this thread is old, but as a new mom to a 35.2 week beautiful girl, I had to stop by. I have IC (Intersticial Cystitis) which improved greatly during (and after) pregnancy, with a hiccup of our last six weeks of pregnancy. Almost all babies, it seems, in our family are premies. Healthy, but early. Now I know it is because they are eager greeters! Lol. Drop early. Anyway, with family history and the IC, there is the potential for future children to come early as well and it was just incredibly encouraging to read so many positive experiences! So happy for all of you!! =D Our baby girl is wonderful by the way. I was just curious how many 35 weekers do this well...
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My 34 week preemie had no steroid shot and we were in NICU for 7 days, she just needed to gain weight. They did an US the day before she came and she was practicing breathing and looked good so they decided against it. She never required O2 and did great

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Re: 35 weekers anyone??

I had a 35w4d boy. No warning of his coming so no steroids. He was 6lb 3oz but dropped to 5lb 10oz. No NICU stay thought we did have the NICU nurses in the room for delivery JIC but he came quickly. He did have a little trouble with birth--heart rate dropped and the nurse couldn't get a read of his heart rate with the normal monitor so I had to have an internal one put on his head. (that sucked big time, took two nurses and fineally the dr to get it)

. Did great in the hospital. Had a little trouble latching/nursing and had jaundice that was bad enough for him to be on a billi blanket at home. Very close to having to back in the hospital but the at home therapy worked.
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Not me but a good friend just had a 35 weeker a week ago. She is in the nicu. Just started breathing on her own today, billirubin levels are really high so she is very sleepy. She is on a feeding tube.
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Re: 35 weekers anyone??

I had a 34 weeker who was 4lbs10oz. I had high BP for two months before they induced me, and apparently the stress hormone, cortisol, being produced because of the high blood pressure, is the same hormone that helps mature the lungs, so she had no breathing difficulties at all, even being so small.

She is a late talker though, and only says 6 words at two years old, but is very physically articulate and knows many words, even if she can't say them.
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Re: 35 weekers anyone??

I had my twins at 35 weeks via c-section because DD was small for gestational age due to IGUR, which was most likely because of my preeclampsia. Anyways, I did have 2 steroid shots *hurt like %$#@*. DS was 4 lbs, 7oz and DD was 3 lb, 14oz. They stayed in the NICU for 16 days as growers and feeders... had to overcome jaundice, learn to maintain their temp outside the isolette, and learn to feed from either a bottle or breast. Lungs were fine though and they never needed any supplementary oxygen.
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Re: 35 weekers anyone??

I'm interested, too. i went in today at 34 weeks with twins and the doc thinks they are looking ready, dilated to a 3 (from a 0 last week) and both heads down. I have had a completely healthy pregnancy and my doctor does not seem worried, he expects two healthy 5 pound plus babies. I am resting and just letting my body do its thing, hoping we have another week at least.
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Our 35 weeker was 6 lbs 8 oz and spent 4 hours in the special nursery. He did fabulous as did our 36 weeker
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