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Desitin Rapid Relief Creamy & BG Elementals/natural fiber diapers???

I've read through every thread and website possible and am just getting myself more confused about CD safe creams and whether I am going to get bad staining or repelling by using Desitin Rapid Relief Creamy (no cod liver oil in this one, but does have beeswax, mineral oil, petrolatum).

I am a first time mom and just started CDing my 6 week old last week. I was using Grandma El's since it is supposedly on the safe list, but it isn't helping with her wetness rash and left yellow stains on the diapers!! I ordered CJ Butter but I live overseas so it will take a few weeks to come in. I don't have any disposables to use nor liners (I'd have to order them and they would take a few weeks). I change her diaper at least every 2 hrs, I give her fresh air time, and don't put a new diaper on until she is completely dry. The only other rash cream I have is Desitin Rapid Relief, which worked wonders when she was in disposables.

Since it seems that many of the statements about what will and won't cause stains/repelling problems come from what people have heard rather than first hand experience, I'd like to know if anyone has actually used Desitin Creamy and not had any issues of it eventually coming out. I saw one thread here where a few folks said they didn't have any problems with it washing out, but I'd like to hear from others as well.

Also, for those who have BGEs and use Grandma El's, do the yellow stains eventually come out? I've sunned the diapers and the poop stains come out, but not the stains from the actual ointment. It makes me sad since they are brand new and I've only been using them for a week!



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I have used it when I first started cd and didn't know any better and did end up with repealing issues. I ended up cutting some stay dry liners out of fleece baby blankets to use when I had to use diaper rash ointment and it helped a lot. Now all I use is coconut oil which seems to help with rashes better then anything else.
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Re: Desitin Rapid Relief Creamy & BG Elementals/natural fiber diapers???

I use desitin with my CD's. I use Tide and bleach and it comes out alright. But my diapers are all lined with a piece of fleece.

if you don't have fleece, you can use anything, even an old dish towel or t-shirt cut up. it won't be stay-dry, but it will keep the stains off your diapers.
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Re: Desitin Rapid Relief Creamy & BG Elementals/natural fiber diapers???

If you really and truly have ONLY cotton diapers going through your wash load, it will probably be ok. I've used it with my prefolds, flats, and back when I had a few BGEs (well, actually the Organics from before BGEs came out), and I had no issues. But if you own any pocket or synthetic diapers at all, be SO VERY careful that none go through the wash load with the cotton diapers with Desitin Creamy. Your nightmares will never end. Ask me how I know...

Also, the same is not true of regular Desitin. It will seriously stain cotton. I didn't use it long enough to have issues with the fish smell or repelling, but after seeing how badly it stained, I decided I didn't want to find out.

ETA: I didn't use liners of any kind with the Rapid Relief, and it was fine with cotton.
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Re: Desitin Rapid Relief Creamy & BG Elementals/natural fiber diapers???

Can she handle synthetic fibres? If so, I would cut up some fleece as liners - not only will it keep the cream off the diapers, but it will help pull the wetness away from her skin and between those two hopefully you can get the rash cleared up.

You may also check her diaper more often and change as soon as she wets. I don't think my DD went two hours between pees until she was like two years old.
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Re: Desitin Rapid Relief Creamy & BG Elementals/natural fiber diapers???

It generally the cod oil and the zinc oxide you have to worry about. It really just depends generally on water and detergent if its gonna work.

If your DD is rash prone, consider elimination communication. I was really gonna start until mt 11 week old was 6m but she is rash prone. hoping to start next week.
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