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Not often. I wash hands religiously after I touch them, change a diaper, etc, and any surfaces they touch get cloroxed. I never touch my face AT ALL until my hands are washed! I even wash my hands when handling their dishes when they are sick.

That said I have never been sicker than my first year as a nurse. I worked in peds and was sick all.the.time that first year.

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Re: When your kids get sick, do you?

Originally Posted by 4boys1girlforme View Post
It is all dependent upon the pathogen's mode of transference- you can't disinfect a bug that has droplet transference. You must all have high functioning immune systems.
Not starting a huge debate here but you certainly CAN greatly lessen their transference..... no i cannot lysol my kids mouths/throats obviously but they are taught to cough into their "cough rags" (yep just like it sounds) and then they wash their hands. Those rags are changed about every 2 hours or so, and they each have their own colors which the others know not to touch.... and then of course there is the limiting fluid interaction between them (eg no sharing cups, utensils, etc) .... they don't even share snack containers. Their toothbrushes do not touch while they are stored, they don't share toothpaste containers, etc etc etc.... the list goes on and on. I do have an asthmatic son, so his cough is not contagious generally and is brought on by various things - Having small children (say 3 and under) makes "containing" an illness harder because they are still "mouthing" things and are just being kids......

All this is to say that while i do not think certain cleaning habits can guarantee not spreading illness obviously there are things you can do to greatly reduce its occurrence of spreading. Yes, i am sure my older children have been in PS long enough to have been exposed to certain things and build up stronger immunities, but i also feel like the "spreading" in my household is greatly affected by the efforts to contain.
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Re: When your kids get sick, do you?

My kids are 11, 6, 5, and 7 months. I taught music at an elementary school and saw 500 kids a week. I think that challenged my immune system and helped build it up.

That said, I don't tend to catch much of anything from the kids. I tend to get a sinus infection once a year. They can get stomach bugs and I'm fine even though I'm the one to clean up the mess, hold their hair/hand while they puke, etc.

That said, they tend to pass things around amongs them like its candy-especially the middle two. I think it's a function of age. The littlest one is BF and not exposed as much and my 11 year old (and his class mates) is past the nose picking, sneezing all over creation, and licking random things stage.

It's been better this year though. Sometimes only one or two will get sick. My 6yo got a flu like illness and was down for four days with a fever and runny nose and no one else got it. Perhaps it's a function of age. The only other difference is that I've been diffusing EO regularly.

ETA: I'm not big into disinfecting and hand washing. Cleaning, yes.
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My DD is sick pretty much constantly all winter. She picks up everything from everyone. I probably catch one of her colds every year.
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Re: When your kids get sick, do you?

Rarely. My kids are not sick all that often.

However this winter we got hit hard-- we didnt' leave the house for much for a couple months--
Between thanksgiving and New Years, my kids got one sickness after another. Between the three of them i think there was only a few days where all three were healthy. I didn't catch any of it. My oldest missed more school during this time than he has in the last two years combined.
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I've been teaching preschool for 10 years so I rarely get sick anymore. In the first few years I was always sick it was horrible
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Re: When your kids get sick, do you?

I've had a horrible immune system my whole life, but I've noticed that if I get our immune supporting oils started the instant I think the kids or I have been exposed we definitely lessen the sickness and who gets it. My DD and I were recently to visit a friend whose DD was sick and neither of us ended up with sick at all. My DH, lucky one, pretty much never gets sick. This is our first winter with oils and I have to say I'm quite impressed with the lack of illness in our house this year and how quickly we knock out the few things that tried to creep in.
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Nope. Rarely am I sick, I work in hospitals constantly, am at church with tons of kids, etc.
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We are rarely sick. I'm the most sick in the house, around 3 times a year. The kids get sick once or twice. So I end up with it first or yes they give it to me.

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When I'm pregnant I catch a lot more than when I'm not. When not pregnant I rarely ever get sick. DS has an immune deficiency and catches everything.
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