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Sorry your little one is sick. I don't know what I would have done either, but yeah i'd be looking for a new pediatrician too. An ER visit is a lot more expensive/frustrating than a sick visit to the doctor!


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Originally Posted by Teddyandnick
I would have brought them in since that is what urgent care recommended. I don't like to mess around with my children's health and would rather be safe than sorry. And I would be looking for a new pediatrician as well.
This. We're generally wait it out/let it run it's course people. But you know best, and even if it was nothing this time, it could have been, and how terrible would you feel if you went against your gut and something terrible had happened. Being a parent is hard lol, the best way to deal (for me) with any situation is to go with my mama intuition.
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Re: How long would you let your child be sick before the ER?

Originally Posted by anrmom21 View Post
The urgent care recommended the ER since there was nothing else they could do.

I am not sure why but they close for two weeks quite often. I think it is time to find a new pediatrician.
Understandable our pediatric urgent care clinic won't touch ds with a 10 foot pole even for minor stuff because of all ds's medical issues.

If you have need for a lot of emergency, last minute type appointments then you either need a ped who will give their cell number and willing to prescribe tests & Rx's over the phone or look for a larger practice where 3-4 peds operate out of the same clinic. Lot of larger practices also have an advantage of having after hours line where an RN or a ped is always on call.

ER doctors are the luck of the draw; sometimes we get a really awesome one and sometimes we get one that is horrible. In the end though it is your ped that calls the shots when it comes to your child's case management. Unfortunately for our ER doctors/residents, our ped is also head professor in their medical school and she is not shy about making heads roll when they make a major medical mistake. I don't know what she says to them all I know is that when she is done saying it they are practically falling over themselves to make things right.
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Re: How long would you let your child be sick before the ER?

We had issues with our DS vomiting for several days, into weeks. I took him into the Dr's and ER twice each, and the kid's urgent care once. Finally, when he couldn't hold himself up (he was 3yo) and slept through the Dr's exam, the Dr ordered a head CT. We found out from the CT that he had a really severe sinus infection that required first a round of oral antibiotics, then 3 or 4, I don't remember now, antibiotic shots in the thigh. I know ER docs see a lot of real emergencies that are nothing compared to what we had going on, as well as a lot of concerned parents with issues that turn out to be more minor. As a mom, my job isn't to worry about what the Dr thinks, but to advocate for my child, and if I believe he needs medical care, I will do what I can to make that happen the best way I can.

I hope your DS feels better soon
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I would have taken my kid in your situation, based on the instructions they gave you at urgent care.

I wouldn't hesitate to take my kids to urgent care or the ER if I am genuinely worried and can't get in to see the ped in a reasonable amount of time. I mean, I'm not taking them to the ER for a runny nose or ear infection or recently-acquired stomach bug, but if it's something I'm worried about, like breathing issues or dehydration, etc., I'd rather be safe than sorry.

Our ped office is huge and they are open after hours and on weekends. We have been able to get an appt for 20 mins after I called. It's awesome and I'm really going to miss this place when we move.
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Re: How long would you let your child be sick before the ER?

I would have done the same as you did, especially if that was the advice I received. Maybe the urgent care erred on the side of caution but that is a good and comforting thing. Imo it is far too easy for clinic doctors to overlook subtle danger signs. It is no fault of their own. They just don't have the benefit of familiarizing themselves with their patients. It seems to me that the clinic Dr had this in mind, along with whatever possible complications that could easily fall under normal radars, and suggesting the ER shows how attentive they are, and not dismissive. Definitely qualities I would appreciate in a clinic Dr.

As for your pediatrician, dump him yesterday. My pediatrician has an after hours call service and one of his nurses WILL call you back no matter what time it is, for ANY question or illness. I used that service for everything from breastfeeding help to fevers and coughs, probably about 4-5 calls since my daughter was born (she's 2). They charge $20-30 for any call you make but their responses are very quick, informative, and thorough. The office also keeps time slots reserved for sick patients, so parents can make same day appointments. The slots are usually full by lunchtime but if a child still needs to be seen, you can bring them in and they will see them between patients. You need a pediatrician that makes an effort to be available.
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