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Answers to your questions

Cricket has sent me a private message, personally apologizing to me for how the last 24 hours went down. She realizes she jumped the gun a little in some of the inactivations/bannings (but others did need to be done right away... more information on that is coming). Cricket would be here herself, but a real-life situation beyond her control is keeping her away.

Speaking of real life, she is very much a real person and not just a robot or anything. I've actually spoken to her on the phone multiple times, and she really does care about the community. Part of caring about the community is protecting it (more about that later, too). Juan cares about us, too, even though he's not a regular, direct, posting presence in the community and doesn't personally know very many of us. It is hard to read tone over the Internet. I know with his post that he made in the Ask the Pros thread, I initially read it and "saw" a very harsh tone, but I re-read it a few minutes ago with a softer tone in mind, and the overall message conveyed is a lot different than the one that a good majority of the community initially received.

I don't know how much of this will mean much to any of you since it's coming from "Harmony96" and not directly from "Juan" or "Cricket," but it's all truth. There are good things in store for this community that we believe you all will "like." One of the first tasks at hand is updating the outdated FAQs. We asked for your input on the new Sensitive Subjects guidelines, and you gave some great suggestions. We're hoping to receive some more great input as well on updating the FAQs.

Another change coming is that while the site's overall rules will stay the same, we will be moving away from a three strikes system and going towards a points system with regard to potential bannings. Like the changes to the Marketplace, this new system is still in the VERY early stages, but it could include things like a ban happens at X points, and different broken rules would have different point values, depending on how much or how little it affects the overall safety and security of the site.

Now, speaking of safety and security, it's "later." Rena has spoken a few times about personal attacks, bullying, and stalking. We do not use those terms lightly at all.

In terms of harassment and bullying, we have had a variety of experiences both on and offsite. On the site itself we have seen direct personal attacks from users as well as fake profiles created for the sole intent of bashing team members. By bashing we do not mean venting or questioning, we mean vicious and often profane or vulgar attacks.

There have also been offsite attacks. We don't mean joining another forum and/or venting there about your Diaper Swappers experiences. We're not going to crack down on the whole Internet to make sure nary a bad word against this site is ever spoken. We are not monitoring people's activities on other forums nor suggesting people are restricted to maintaining a membership here and only here. We are talking about malicious acts reaching into peoples personal lives, through their personal online presence, measures taken by individuals out of spite to bring about harm in the member's life.

Both of these cases of malicious verbal attacks do qualify for instant bans and in some cases further measures can be taken including legal action if needed. Due to the sensitivity of the subject matter, we will not be disclosing details about what was done, what was said or who was targeted. Several of the bannings in the last 24 hours were due to this cyber stalking and bullying, and brief information about this will eventually be posted in people's profiles.

With regard to the inactive members, they are members who have already stated they were leaving and not coming back (which they are free to do), but when their profile activity continually shows them coming back and only PMing (and no, we don't know what they were PMing about), we have to do what we can to protect the members of the community who have chosen to stay.

We do thank you all who HAVE chosen to stay and look forward to making this community better than ever.


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