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How to go gluten free?

My son was recently diagnosed with mild ADHD. I've heard great things about going gluten free. I would rather try this first then going straight to medication. I just dont know where to start and it all seems overwhelming...


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Re: How to go gluten free?

There are many gluten free products out there but subbing a gluten free food for every gluten food you eat probably won't be as helpful as incorporating more non grain foods like veggies, fruits, meats, eggs, nuts, etc. in your meals. There are good rice pastas out there (trader joes, tinkyada brand) and plain rice and potatoes work too. If you search for SCD or paleo recipes, you'll find some good ones. There are also a lot of great coconut flour recipes out there and what is nice about coconut flour is that it doesn't require additional types of flours or gums when you're baking with it. You do have to use more eggs because it absorbs a lot, though. You only have to use a little coconut flour in a recipe so a bag lasts a long time.
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Re: How to go gluten free?

Check out G.A.P.S. diet. Great info for ASD
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Re: How to go gluten free?

I developed a gluten allergy in the past couple of years. The transition was not as difficult as I'd imagined. I definitely agree with eedw9's comments. Some gluten-free products are great, other's are simply not that great for you. I did find a nice gluten free bread for toast in the morning (Rudis, Udis is also good). I've switched to making sandwiches mostly using big kale leaves (tuna salad wrapped in kale is really good!). For baked treats, black bean brownies are absolutely delicious - the beans replace flour. One really good recipe is from this blog:

For kid's snacks, there are many gf crackers out there. I've found many contain a TON of salt so watch for that. Other great options are freeze-dried peas and corn (can be found on amazon or at Target), baked apple chips, and other veggie chips. We have an awesome organic market near us that has raw crackers with sprouted flax and veggies. You may be able to find them at a Whole Foods or Wegmans.

Overall, going gluten free is hard when it comes to social situations, and I would suggest bringing a special treat for your son when you go to play dates/parties/family gatherings so he doesn't feel left out when everyone goes for the cake and cookies. Good luck!
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Re: How to go gluten free?

It can be overwhelming since so much of our food has gluten... But I would start one step at a time. I really love Fabes baked stuff. They have pies and cookies.
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I went gluten free in October due to an allergy I developed. It was hard at first and still is at times. I have a huge sweet tooth so no cake and cookies gets to me at times. No bread is the worst. I do bake gluten free bread on occasion but bread and gluten free pasta is a once in a while treat because they aren't real good for you. I've been discovering ways to use zucchini in place of pasta (so so good) and eating more veggies. I usually eat eggs and a little lunch meat that I tossed in the skillet to heat for breakfast along with a glass of milk. Another good treat is Larabar. Walmart has them (might be in gluten free section or on breakfast aisle) target has them with the health supplements (protein powders and such) its $5 something for a box of like 6 so it's a TREAT. Rice cakes are good with peanut butter. Oh and watch your seasonings and canned/boxed foods. I've found that if it is even a little bit of convenience and it comes in a box it has wheat in it.
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Re: How to go gluten free?

We did gluten free for a long time, and still are on a reduced gluten free diet. If you have a health food store near by, they can help. Especially if you have a whole foods, they can do a tour of the store and help you find substitutes for products that you're currently eating. Just be careful of salt as a previous poster mentioned.

There is a gluten free goldfish recipe online that is a great easy snack to make. i love them. It might be pricey at first, but as you start getting comfortable making stuff on your own, it will be pretty easy. Just make sure that you're careful of those hidden fillers are like maltodextrin that hides in a lot of stuff.
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We aren't gluten free but I'm very low carb. I started by not eating sandwich bread. Seriously LOL I made lettuce wraps and then started eating other things for lunch. Then stopped cooking dinners that relied on bread as a side dish. Then stopped making pasta. Each step I found new recipes to replace the old stand by, like spaghetti squash. We haven't made any "gluten free xxx" replacements, so I won't speak to that.

I guess what I'm really saying is we did it slowly, 1 bit at a time. I realize we had the luxury to be able to do it this way. But if not medically necessary I feel this is a better approach since it's easier to stick to and less expensive than finding a bunch of specialty replacement food.

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Re: How to go gluten free?

I really love the reply about not subbing for "gluten free" products. Because they're gross, crap, junk food.

My advice is to start with FIVE meals that are doable for you. It doesn't matter if you're having random non-breakfast foods at 7am. Just rotate those until you're comfortable then add something new. Good luck. You're doing the right thing. It will be hard, but SO worth it. <3


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Re: How to go gluten free?

We are GF for my celiac husband and eldest son. Personally though my ADD is triggered by food with dyes in it so be sure to try that too.

The easiest way to go GF is to find meals that are already GF that your kids like. Some ideas are:

-meat/fish/shrimp, potato/rice and veggie (no breaded meat, check marinades and sauces for wheat, malt, modified food starch)
-shishkabobs (check sauce)
-baked potatoes
-stir fry over rice (check soy sauce for wheat)
-soup (Progresso has lots of GF varieties if your are in a pinch and don't have time for homemade)
-salads with meat or hard boiled eggs for protien (check dressing)
-omlettes, bacon, sausages, fried potatoes
-most Chex flavors are GF

If you have to pack him a lunch get a compartmentalized tupperware container and fill it with some of these:

-Asian rice crackers
-cheese chunks
-cottage cheese
-tuna/egg salad
-veggie sticks
-cold cuts (check labels)
-fruit slices
-banana chips
Most yogurt and some instant puddings are GF and travel well.

Tinnkiyada brown rice pasta is amazing! My Italian in-laws can't tell the difference.

Good luck!
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