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Re: Soon to be new to bfing? Question!!

I would say 5 or 6 pairs are good to start, that way you can have some to use while some are being cleaned and dried. I stopped leaking around 3-4 months. I would suggest getting some heavy duty ones in the beginning because that's when you'll leak the most, and then just everyday ones later on. Wool nursing pads are definitely better and is very soft because it is natural and untreated, unlike say a wool sweater. I love the LANA ones.


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Re: Soon to be new to bfing? Question!!

I have been bfing for 3 1/2 months, and my suggestions are as follows:
Get a few breast pads to start, but wait on getting any more until you know what you like, and how much you will need them. I only used them for the first month or so, and even then not all the time. Also, get them from you local lactation support center if possible-- I got all my supplies tax free there.
As for nipple cream, I loved Lansinoh. It was a life saver the first few weeks, and I have heard very good things about it from a lot of other moms. One warning though, it may stain your clothes... so use pads or old stuff you don't care about when using it. Good luck!
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Re: Soon to be new to bfing? Question!!

May I suggest one very important thing I wish someone had told me with my first. Pack an extra shirt for you in the diaper bag. Even yesterday my first outing out after my 4th child. I just thought about needing to feed my son before we went into the store and that simply suggestions made my milk come in and there went a huge let down. All thru my shirt. I was soaked and just changed diaper bags, leaving my extra shirt at home Luckily I had a jacket I wore over it.

I love my wool and cotton pads, as they let you breath so much and are super soft. But they do nothing to stop leaking thru my shirts. I found the "Ultra Thin" Nursing pads by Gerber to work pretty well if you ever do want to buy disposables. But they don't always hold in everything (like yesterday for me. LOL ) and are almost $5 a box for 60. But I like having some extras in my diaper bag!!
I nursed all my kids for 2-2.5 years and after 6 mo my milk finally regulated were I did not need to wear nursing pads. Good luck with everything. how exciting!! LMK if you ever need any help BF or other. I nursed my kids for a many years and have learned alot!! Take care
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Re: Soon to be new to bfing? Question!!

Thanks ladies. This can all be so intimidating!!! I'm sure you'll see me around more once the baby arrives! Thanks again!
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Re: Soon to be new to bfing? Question!!

I honestly can't remember the brand of the cloth nursing pads that I bought - but I would agree to only get a few and see what you're really going to need. It would be a shame to buy a ton and then not really need them (although I suppose you could always re-sell...). I personally used them only for the first month or two with my daughter - and only then if we were going out and I didn't want to have to worry about leaking in public. After that, I just never had any problems with leaking and never worried about it in the 19.5 months she nursed. With my son, who is 16 months now and still nursing strong, I don't think I ever wore them. I guess my body was just used to it and I never had to worry about leaking? I know it effects every woman differently - I guess I was just lucky, lol. Anyhow - my point is that stocking up ahead of time for me would have just been a waste.

And for the cream, I whole-heartedly recommend the Lansinoh brands. Its easy to find everywhere and it works great.
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Re: Soon to be new to bfing? Question!!

I saw a cost comparison on disposable and washable you might want to mention to your hubby. It cost over $250 to use disposable nursing pads over a 9 month time period and many moms nurse longer.Reusable nursing pads last through at least three children so if you plan on having more babies the next time it will be free.
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Re: Soon to be new to bfing? Question!!

Nipple cream: aquaphor saved me !!

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Ditto on the backup shirt for you. It's also great when the baby spits up all over you!
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Re: Soon to be new to bfing? Question!!

Zombie thread. OP has not been to the site since 2011 and her daughter is 6.
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