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I'm a little confused . Why wouldn't someone be able to have a vbac? I didn't even know that was an issue . So because I had a cs that means I might have to have another one ??? That would suck

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I depends why you had the 1st c section. If it was emergent then the dr could have cut the uterus vertical or larger than normal so then there might be a greater chance of the uterus rupturing during labor with contractions so they would then do a repeat c section. My friend and my sis in law both ended up with c sections after laboring to a 10 because due to their anatomy it is like putting a circle block through a triangle opening. Both of their dr's said if they have more children they will have to have a repeat c section because both of them would have died 100 yrs ago in child birth.

Many other people just choose to do a repeat c section but I know lots of people who have done a v back.
Good luck I hope you get the birth you want
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Re: Confused

Mostly it is due to the OB you work with and their comfort level/procedures/hospital policies.
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I know some hospitals/doctors here won't even attempt a vbac. I have been told that it requires additional training that some facilities just don't elect to do. I admittedly do not know the validity of that statement. It is just what was told to me by my OB who encourages her patients toward vbacs. If you desire a vbac, I would verify that your doctor and hospital will at least allow you to try assuming you are a good candidate for one or you may need to go look for a vbac friendly dr.
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Most drs who won't do it it is because of insurance purposes. It is almost unheard of in Canada to find a Dr who won't allow a VBAC (without a VALID reason). But malpractice insurance is MUCH less here. I find it sad.
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Re: Confused

My OB is ancient and very pro-VBAC if the mom wants it. He has recommended repeatedly that I have another c-section and not attempt a VBAC. I had my 1st c-sect because I developed fibroids during pregnancy and by the end one was the same size as DS's head and lower in the birth canal that he was - there was no way for DS to get out. Since then I had the fibroids removed (equivalent to a 2nd c-sect) so now my uterus is pock marked where they removed the fibroids. This puts me at high risk for rupture. Coupled with the fact DS was above average (9.25 lbs) my OB recommends a c-sect 1-2 weeks before my due date.
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Re: Confused

There are really good reasons for a repeat C-section and there are some really bad reasons for a repeat C-section.

I was told in smaller hospitals the issue with v-bacs is having a surgeon ready to go at a moments notice. They don't have that available to them. The bigger hospitals often keep a surgeon on hand 24/7. I have seen this one first hand.

In the smaller hospital I worked at a doctor would have to be called in causing delays in surgery should the need arise. The bigger hospital where I delivered my youngest had 2 doctors that I am aware of waiting at the hospital just in case.

So if you are wanting a v-bac I suggest getting your records from your first birth. Then find a hospital AND doctor that is v-bac friendly. Just because the hospital is v-bac friendly does not automatically mean the doctor is. Or depending on why you had a C-secton look for a home birth midwife. Generally speaking homebirth midwives are v-bac friendly. I am not so sure about those who deliver in hospital or at clinics.
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Re: Confused

Often depends upon the original reason for the c section. However, these past few years, stats have showed an increase in uterine ruptures, which caused premium increases for MD's and in Central Va, the DOCS are simply not willing to take the risk any longer. Truly sad because although I did have an original Emergency C Section, I did not have a Emergency cut, however, no one would work with me to VBAC, x's 2;(
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Re: Confused

My first baby was born via crash c-section because she was in distress and she died an hour after she was born. I got pregnant again 9 months later and planned a VBAC. When I went into preterm labor at 36 weeks DS was still frank breech and my fluid level was much too low to safely try to turn him so I ended up with a necessary repeat c-section. I risked out of a VBA2C when DD was born and then ended up with complete placenta previa and placenta increta, a potentially life threatening complication related to multiple c-sections, with baby #4 and had to have a c-section/hysterectomy.

I am a HUGE advocate for VBAC but it doesn't always work out for everyone, even when the patient really wants it and the doc is really supportive.

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Basically what everyone else said. Sometimes there are medical reasons, sometimes the same problem reoccurs, sometimes you can't find a doc or hospital to do it...
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