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Re: Why?

Originally Posted by kezoo View Post
No I am saying the lack of evidence doesn't prove ANYTHING, safe or unsafe, and therefore some mamas choose to defer on the conservative side.

As for side effects, nobody is saying u/s cause something as obvious as 3 heads (LOL) - the side effects listed are subtle (e.g. ADD) - ones that may have many causes and you cannot have ANY way of knowing whether the u/s contributed. You only have one of each child, and you have absolutely no way of knowing what they might be like if you had not had a u/s, KWIM? You can't compare the child that was exposed to u/s waves to an identical one that was not, so saying your child is perfectly fine is a non-sequiter - what are you comparing to??

There are tons of products/chemical/procedures that people think are safe because "my dd is perfectly fine" and then come to find out there are risks, because the dangers don't present themselves obviously or immediately (e.g. Bis-A leaching out of polycarbonate bottles).

As I said before, just because something is "the standard of care", doesn't mean it is safe if no long-term studies have been done. I am NOT saying it is unsafe, there just isn't any proof either way (as my OB has stated several times).

Thanks for explaining! I get what you are saying now. I guess I was "hearing/reading" that if you had an u/s that you definitely would have side effects from it, etc. I guess that is what I had a problem with. I totally understand and respect individiual moms choices. I also agree that just because something is "standard of care" doesn't mean it is safe. I sometimes don't use proof or solid research to refuse something. I think that it is very important for whomever to feel comfortable doing or not doing something kwim?

Anyway.. I think we are definitely on the same page. Thanks again for taking the time to explain. I started a poll after this thread as I am truly interested now in what other moms think. I have declined certain tests/things because I felt a certain way about them.. I am just curious what other mamas feelings/thoughts are. If you don't mind, I would appreciate your vote too! I want it "honest" and accurate.. kwim? It is on if you think u/s are safe.

Thanks again!


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Re: Why?

Originally Posted by kezoo View Post
I think the point is that there is NOT any solid research proving it is SAFE. You can't have research that proves the absence of something - the research has NOT BEEN DONE, and thus many mamas don't agree it is safe simply because "everyone" does it, KWIM? The comparison to x-rays was not to say they are the same, but that doctors used to think x-rays were safe to use on pregnant women - because the research hadn't been done, and it was the standard of care at the time - thus it may be a similar situation - e.g. everyone thinks it is safe because of the lack of research proving it isn't safe - but lack of research doesn't prove ANYTHING.
Thank You!!!!

My point is that it is not proven safe! As long as everything is fine I will skip the ultrasound!
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