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Exclamation How to hand wash cloth diapers??

It's been awhile since I've been on, but we're doing great here in the Republic of Georgia. Life sure is different here!! Anyway, my big question of the day is about handwashing dd's cloth diapers. The house we are living in now does not have enough water pressure to make washing them in the washing machine possible besides the sterilization part. I can wash them on hot just to sterilize them, but it would not get them clean.

As an example, this is what I have to do with the regular laundry:
Fill the laundry sink (yes, there is such a thing) with cold/hot water depending on color of laundry,
Add some laundry detergent (only powdered detergent is available)
Add some clothes
Let soak for an hour
Use a scrub brush to get any dirt spots out
If they are not too dirty (pj's, dh's & my clothes) I wring them out and hang them to dry
For clothes that are dirty (kid's clothes mostly) I put them in the washer to give them an extra shot at getting clean and then hang them up.

Has anyone else had to do this? Can you give me some tips on what to do with the diapers? We've been using disposables for a couple weeks because I hadn't quite figured out a process for the regular laundry. Now that I've got that down I want to start using our cloth dipes again.

A few notes: all laundry detergent here is powdered and scented. They don't really have any specialty detergents and definitely nothing organic. The water pressure in the entire house is pretty low including the shower some days we don't get much more than a small trickle.

So as you can see I need some help!!

Thanks ladies!!


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Re: How to hand wash cloth diapers??

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Re: How to hand wash cloth diapers??

sounds like how we did it in peru. there too we only had the sink, brush and powder detergent. i would wash each diaper by hand right after it was soiled. use a TINY BIT of detergent and scrub with your brush. rinse reallY GOOD and hang up to dry. its better than having a whole bunch to wash, and they never get stained. good luck
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Re: How to hand wash cloth diapers??

I just started doing that because we are washerless as of now. I sprinkled them with baking soda when I took them off and then put them in a bucket and let them soak overnight with a little tea tree oil in cold water ( i did day and half together but I am planning to do them every day)
then I soaked them in hot water with soap and then scrubbed on them sort of like a machine would?
then I rinse them and let them sit for awhile in a little vingear and cold water and rinsed and rung them out again

i'll let you know how it goes more later in the week to see how the diapers are going.... but they were smell free at least ... then I left them to sun too to help kill any other bacteria that might be lurking
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