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Re: Ready for solids?

yeah that to what pretty much everyone else said. my dd is 10 months and JUST NOW started solids. shes always been super hungr yand super chubby. she was 20lbs at 6 months i believe... rolls upon rolls.ha,ha. anyways. nurse on demand even if its every hour thats all she needs. youre makign enough milk, dont worry about that. she just wants to nurse more. i would def wait. baby's digestive track isnt fully mature till 6 months. but i always say watch the baby not the clock,thats why my DD didnt start til 10 months. she didnt wantthem. hth! youre such a good mom for askign this!


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Re: Ready for solids?

The nice thing about solids is they have less calories, so your chubby baby will fill up on less calories. Babies tend to thin out as they grow longer while eating solids.

But, three months is a little too young. Sometimes it isn't hunger as much as a need to suck. I know what a PITA it is to sit in a chair or lie in bed while the baby just keep thinking "I have way too much to do". (although, it was my favorite excuse to sit down)

Lots of women on the babywearers site wear their babies while nursing. My boobs were never big enough to do that.... (they were in my dreams though) Plus, I cannot figure out exactly how they do it. But, I know it can be done. Hands free nursing! Where was that concept when my dd was little???
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Re: Ready for solids?

We didn't offer solids until almost a year & our son actually didn't prefer them until closer to 2 years... We started them late to attempt to hold off allergies & it's thought that his body knew to hold off longer for the same reason...

The recommendations I've heard are to start a small amount of rice or single grain cereal (like 2 oz, hardly any) between 6 & 8 months... even at this age & until 12 months, breastmilk or infant formula should be a baby's main food. The breastmilk should be given first. Also when the food is introduced if the milk intake goes down, the food should be cut back, keeping the milk the main nutrician until the 1 year mark.

If you are concerned about your babe's weight gain, you should be able to borrow or at least use a scale from your local wic or public health, to weigh your babe before & after eating... also count the wet diapers, I believe 8 a day is what they look for... also healthy weight gain, along the curve & there is even a new curve for breastfed babes! Yay!!

Once last thing, be really careful about introducing formula or food to suppliment your little one's breastmilk... If you babe drinks less breastmilk because she has other food/milk in her tummy, your body will make less milk the following day... & your body starts the weaning process...

Edited To Add: I just saw your post that you are having problems with clamping down... The one trick I used was to push Zander further onto the breast if there was discomfort. This breaks the latch safely & give you a chance to re-latch. Also, do you have a local Le Leche League in your area? I'd highly recommend this fun organization. It's great to be able to have the hands on support of moms!
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