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Re: Signing with baby?

I'm a teacher for the Deaf, so I naturally started signing w/ my nephew. It made such a difference! Instead of whining while watching you eat something, I started signing/saying 'more' and then giving him some of my food. He started by clapping, then touching his fingertips together, then adding 'moe', then dropping the sign and just saying 'more'. When tired, he'd sign 'bed' instead of having his usual meltdown and when finished eating, he'd sign 'finished' instead of throwing his bowl. My sister didn't keep it up after I moved away, but those 3 basic signs really cut down on his frustration when he couldn't yet say how he felt.
We've been signing w/ DD from the start. Usually it's at changing time, we sign 'diaper', 'brush', 'pretty' etc. I would sign 'butterfly', then pull the string on the butterfly hanging over the changing table to make it play music. At around 3.5 mos, I could do the sign w/o saying it and she'd look to the butterfly, waiting for it to play. Now I sign 'butterfly' and she stares at it, kicking her feet, excitedly.
While a lot of the baby signs are altered to make it easier for baby to perform, I'd suggest using ASL--actual signs. Lots of preschools are teaching sign language nowadays and there's Deaf people all around. Why not teach a real language than one only you and baby will understand? It's more universal for day care, etc. It seems like 7 mos. is a good time to start--when they're actually attending more and can make the connection between your speech and signs, but can't hurt to start early!
I had done a thesis while getting my masters' and studied the correlation between hearing kids who signed early and it showed that they were more advanced in their language usage by the time the reached preschool, but then evened out w/ the rest of the kids within that school year. gives them a head-start, but won't necessarily make them overachievers, KWIM?


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Re: Signing with baby?

I didn't read all the other responses, I will later

We signed with my DS and it helped a TON, he signed 30+ words... He was delayed in speech, had speech therapy and is now ahead! Amazing what 6 months does!!

We have started signing with my DD and she will sign, "more", "all done" and "eat"

I won't go into it but my DH's grandparents called our kids retarded because we signed to them (and my son was delayed in speech).. Which obviously wasn't the case.. My DD is signing back AND talking already....

My brother is deaf so I know a lot of basic signs..

I HIGHLY recommend Signing Time! I think it is It's a great resource!! Our library has 3 DVDs... My son picked up 1/2 of his signs from there.. ANd BEGGED to watch it!!!

On their website they have forums and such if you have questions about certain signs! Good Luck!
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Re: Signing with baby?

Oh, I should add, the way I teach sign is that I just sign as I speak the work. I say and sign the word a few times and then do the action. For example, I say and sign "Milk" (with DC looking at me) 3-4 times and then offer my breast to nurse. If it delayed speech with DD, I can't imagine how much she would of been speaking. LOL She was a very early speaker and a very advanced speaker. She is so funny now because she has picked the sign right back up and signs to DS as well.
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Re: Signing with baby?

We signed with dd and now are signing with ds also i think we started at about 6 months and now he is 13 months and he understands almost everything we sign to him but he cannot do all of the signs himself. He knows milk, more, eat, water, up, shoes, bird, and trys to do a few others. I think it is a wonderful way to communicate with your child before they can talk and even after.
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Re: Signing with baby?

Oh my goodness, this thread must have been a good omen!

We were eating last night (on the couch in front of the TV...I know, bad mama) and DS crawled over and pulled up on the coffee table, looked right at me eating and did the "eat" sign just as clear as day! I'm so happy!

He LOVES food, so it makes sense that would be his first sign (I was hoping for milk...oh well). He's 8.5 months, so we'll see how fast he picks up others! Hopefully this was his 'eureka' moment, and others will soon follow.

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