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Re: anyone have a runner????

I feel for you, my NOW 13 yr old did that from 11 mths on! Before he turned 3 yrs old, he was narrowly missed by 6 cars and a school bus-the bus driver asked me to stop bringing him to the bus stop unless he was IN MY CAR cuz he broke away from hand just as the bus was pulling away, he ran in front of the bus and yelled STOP, she barely stopped the bus before hitting him. I always worried that he would not see another birthday-well, today is his 13th b-day! The only thing I can suggest is to limit the amount of time you are out and about. I ended up putting christmas bells on our doors cuz he was constantly escaping the house, we had to have the church put a lock on the nursery door locking the children/attendant IN the nursery cuz he would wait til the attendant sat down, then he would run away-since the attendants were mostly ladies in their late 60's, he could get to the other building faster than they could, but our church was right by a major road. This will pass, as soon as she gets a little older, for the time being, I would just limit your walks to areas that are safer if she were to run from you, me, I simply refused to take him many places that weren't safe if he ran from me-and I had a son that is 5 yrs older that could chase him for me!


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Re: anyone have a runner????

Originally Posted by Hitchkids View Post
Those are the times we break out the toddler leash. I'm big on keeping as many of the kids contained as possible when we are out so if they are refusing to hold hands or listen, I'll pull out the toddler leash. Makes things much easier on everyone knowing that the little one cannot get away from me.
Thats exactly what I do.
I keep the leash in my purse. I even used it today in JC Penny.
Dd will be 3 on Jan 2nd. I warn her first, hold hands or I will put the reins on you. Then she runs again and I put them on her. Today she had a total meltdown while I put them on (It gave all the workers something to talk about they all watched while she did the dramatics), then stood up and held my hand and walked like nothing happened I left them on her anyways till we got back out to the car.
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Re: anyone have a runner????

Oh man, my first boy was just like that at that age! Whenever we needed him to stick with us, we had to plan ahead. If we were going to a BBQ or something, we'd make sure he got a good running for an hour before the party. If we had to go to the city, or the airport or something like that, we'd insist he sit in the stroller, or use a toddler harness. He didn't like the harness, but he preferred it to the stroller.
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Re: anyone have a runner????

Will she obey simple limits? My DS -4 is a runner and always has been. Before we moved this spring, we had sidewalks so he knew to stop when he came to a road (small city blocks). Now we live in a subdivision with no sidewalks, so he has to run/ride his bike in the street. He used to just take off on me and I was pregnant as well and couldn't just take up after him. So I have established land marks where he can go as fast as he can to his landmark, wait for me to catch up, go to the next one, etc. So he can still go fast, he just has to sit and wait until I get there at my much slower speed. We have pine trees, big rocks, street signs, and the creek as our benchmarks. I also take my kids to the school playground with tons of play structures and a really BIG field to run around in. I really like the idea of the school track.

My DD-2 is not as much of a runner as DS, but she doesn't have the whole road thing down yet so much, so I have to keep more on top of her. I put her in the stroller on the street-only roads and let her walk when we hit a sidewalk.

For my driveway where the kids ride their bikes alot, if they go into the road they get one warning, then a timeout on the front step, then they are done and have to go inside. My DD still breaks the rules and ends up inside, but she's getting better.
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