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Re: Is this true???

Originally Posted by Jillybean View Post
They're supposed to make sure the baby leaves in a carseat, if you aren't using a bucket I would think they could walk down and watch you put the baby in your convertible seat. They should not have a problem with that and if they do just raise a stink til they get over it.

I know hospitals here give you a infant seat if you dont have one if they do then you could use it to please them when you leave?!


Tia~ mom to 3 girls
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Re: Is this true??? updated.

about the update. I'm pretty sure that security guy didn't understand your question. at first i didn't either (it's been a long night LOL) i thought you were upset that they would let the baby ride home on your lap or something...i know!! lol i need coffee.

anyway, they can't tell you to purchase specifically an infant bucket seat. the nurse comes down with you and sees you put the baby into the convertible car seat.
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Re: Is this true??? updated.

its YOUR baby, they do not own your baby. They cannot keep your baby. You are not kidnapping your baby. Most hospitals have a REALLY crappy free infant seat you can use that for the first ride I suppose. Otherwise your radian meets the legal req's and they can POLICY all they want but they canNOT tell you which legal option to purchase. They just can't. Get your seats safety inspected. Get a note from a CST saying that the radian is properly installed and safe for infant use and that you were taught how to properly buckle your infant. Submit that to the hospital if you feel that its helpful.
Kim, mom of 5
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Re: Is this true??? updated.

I'm not sure I see the big deal.

They can't MAKE you stay, they can't take your child and not give her to you because you don't have a bucket seat.

Take whatever you plan on having her ride in, and if they don't like it, tough.
As long as it's within the law the hospital can't do anything..

either that or don't have your older kids there, borrow a seat from someone and just take out one of your daughters seats and put the infant seat in it's place.

but I don't know if that's a option.

I really don't think it wil lbe a problem though, they are just trying to scare you, or they don't understand what it is you are talking about.
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Re: Is this true??? updated.

If it's really a problem, call the local police or fire department and have them check it out and install it for you, then get a letter saying it's properly installed and safety rated for a new born. That should shut the administrators up.
~Kristy, SAHM to my 4 beautiful kiddos.
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Re: Is this true??? updated.

Like I said in your pp (cause I know I answered your question but I don;t see my reply) I think this is not a car seat issue but a security one. We were not "allowed" to walk the halls with lo's in arms where I delivered. Any time baby was not in the room with you they were required to be in the plastic crib bassinet thing being walked in the halls. That way they knew you weren't taking the baby. Perhaps they have some sort of back up plan/approved container to put babies in that proves they are "legit" to leave if this is the issue?? Even a spare seat to use to check out and that you can send back up with the nurses after you put baby in the car?
Lisa- SAHM to Joseph, Asher, Ben, Elias and Caleb

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Re: Is this true??? updated.

I'm glad you're feeling better. I'd probably be going nuts getting my bases covered if I were you too. Just try to remember to breath!

Everyone connected to my hospital made a big deal about the car seat. The birthing class beat it in to my head that we wouldn't be allowed to leave unless they saw the baby strapped into a car seat. Well, my husband couldn't figure out how to detach it from the base so I held her as the wheeled me out. The left me at the curb outside of the car and went back in. No one payed any attention to how or if the baby was being put in the car seat!
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Re: Is this true??? updated.

the security guy is wrong. We just had our 1st child in April, and we purchased a convertible carseat, NOT the infant seat because the infant seats are a waste of money (they outgrow them and you have to get the convertible seat anyway) ..and the convertible seats are rated for 5-30lb babies so unless you have a baby under 5 pounds, the convertible seats are safe and legal.
We never had to take our seat out of our car. A nurse walked us and our baby down to our car and watched us strap her in and that's it (she was 7lb, 4oz at birth)!
The stores are the ones pushing the infant seats and saying hospitals won't allow you to leave without them. After speaking with my doctor who is located at the hospital where I gave birth, this is untrue.
The convertible seats like what we have (Graco Comfortsport) do not come out of the car like the infant seats do (snap in and out to carry baby around).
You should check with the actual nurses and doctors who will be dealing with you and your baby.
we really love our car seat by the way!
Laura - Beaverton, OR

Wife to Dave, proud SAHM to our daughters Reagan, born April 3, 2007 and Karly, born 1/24/09
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Re: Is this true??? updated.

first I would recommend asking the nurses on the maternity floor (point out you have a convertible that is approved for use for infants)
if they say no you need an infant seat, then send daddy to walmat to buy one, bring the baby home then return it (they give cash back with a receipt) and tell them the truth (you are returning it because you have a convertible and do not need an infant seat)
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