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Re: Silver teeth caps for an almost 2-yr-old?

(((HUGS))) Mama! I'm going through the same thing with my 21 mo. I bf'd my other kids till 18 mos, 'sort of', never really worried...and nothing was wrong (they are 10 and 8 and the 8 yo has two fillings in her 2 yo baby molars, that's it). But my third baby?Same routine, but, Whoa, the rotting teeth! Poor little kiddo is going in on Halloween to get 4 molars filled (he said metal, they are SO bad he doesn't think plastic will do the trick and he also assumes she's grinding them at night), and the four top teeth in the front have to be capped (I BEGGED for plastic or porcelain, they'd really better, he said they could...).

Anyway, I heard of this happening with another couple EBF'ers, cosleepers and didn't think it seemed real till it happened to me

Try not to feel too bad, even if the second opinion is the same...I think it's just one of those things that happens (I've heard it's maybe a transmitted with mouth germs...maybe someone with really bad teeth got a little too close? )

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Red face Re: Silver teeth caps for an almost 2-yr-old?

Originally Posted by SophT View Post
I just had a really sad visit to the dentist with my 22 month old. I learned on our last visit 6 months ago that because of the misalignment of her jaw all her front top teeth were chipping. Also, the grooves in her molars are extra big, so she was more likely to get cavities. Well, since then I have tried to brush her teeth religiously, but she fights me so I really can only get it done about once a day.

Well, at her appointment just now I found out that she has two cavities in her top molars and the chipped teeth are past the enamel and will probably decay soon. So the dentist plans to knock her out and put 8 silver caps on her teeth. (The ones on the top front will be painted white on one side.) I cried when the dentist told me. She's not even 2 years old! He says it is probably because her teeth just weren't formed quite right and then the breast milk pools on her teeth. (She co-sleeps and would nurse all night for the first 18 months.)

So the day this is to be done she can have no food or drink after midnight until after the appointment. The hardest part is going to be not letting her nurse in the morning. I'm really sad. Should I get a second opinion or just go ahead with this? Any advice on making it easier on her? Thanks.

Silver fillings contain mercury, not sure about the caps though, but I'd look into it.
My sister had to have the same thing done at the same age, but it was because my mother never brushed her teeth. She was fine with it, but it wasn't the first time she'd been knocked out.
I'd get a second opinion as to the cause of it at least. I have a hard time believing BM would cause that much decay.
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Re: Silver teeth caps for an almost 2-yr-old?

I had all my molars caped (metal) when I was three due to soft teeth. But that was back in the 80's I'd figured they would be able to do something different nowadays!
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Re: Silver teeth caps for an almost 2-yr-old?

I have heard that you need to brush/wipe off BF babies' teeth not necessarily because the BM hurts their teeth, but because it interacts with the residue from the other food they've been eating...correct me if I'm wrong. I am sure that some kids' teeth are just naturally more prone to decay than others too.

I had to have silver caps on 2 teeth when I was little - I think I was 2 or 3. My mom used to let me go to sleep with a chocolate milk bottle - what was she thinking!?! Anyway, I don't remember it - the story is that they strapped me down in the chair and I was quite traumatized, but I have never had a fear of dentists, so I guess I got over it. For as much work as your daugther needs, I would think anesthesia, or at least sedation, would be the thing to do for the poor little baby rather than make her be awake through it. I would be worried about my child going under, though, as any mom is, I'm sure.... I would definitely get a second opinion though...
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Re: Silver teeth caps for an almost 2-yr-old?

My 5 yo is getting caps. He got two last week and will get one this week.

He had gotten to where his teeth acutally hurt.

What we do now to make brushing fun is character toothburshes and we got spin brushes as well. Both of my boys love them and it has helped. My 2 yo likes to do things by himself so he has a turn and I have a turn. We also floss religously now as that was what we weren't doing and all his cavities were between teeth.

I would get a second opinion. But yep caps are pretty standard and they are stainless steel so they shouldn't have mercury in them.

Just stay away from Jolly Ranchers as they have popped off caps when I was a kid.

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Re: Silver teeth caps for an almost 2-yr-old?

Another vote for second opinion! My dd doesn't have teeth yet, but we had some bad experiences with my childhood dentist. Our whole family went to this particular dentist, including a couple of my aunts and their children. My aunts didn't have the same problems we did and stayed with him until he eventually missed a tooth infection in my little cousin which spread to his entire face and almost reached his brain--but we either had no insurance at the time or had pretty bad insurance, so he used to bill us and accept payment plans, etc. Apparently, we were like his charity case. My mom had some problems and he ended up pulling something like 8 of her teeth, acting like it was the only option, when she later found out there was a lot that could've been done to save them if he'd only mentioned her options. I never had x-rays once, which would've caught a super-numerary (sp?) tooth that ended up causing a root canal, crown, and pretty major surgery to remove when I was 18. Instead of recommending braces for me, he said we could just pull an extra molar when I had my wisdom teeth removed. When I switched dentists later on, she asked why I hadn't had braces and when I told her what he said, she said teeth migrate forwards, not backwards, so that wouldn't do anything to help.

Definitely, definitely get a second opinion--even if the options are out of your pay range, know what they are! My mom really regrets not questioning our dentist back then and just accepting his "charity" at the cost of our teeth. Please don't take this as any dig at you, it was just the first thing that came to mind when I read the OP and then when you mentioned the Medicaid.
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