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Re: post your "stuff to skip" for registry/first baby...

I wrote an article about this last year for VegFamily. :-) The only thing I had gotten was a sling and a days worth of used cloth diapers.


A Born Free Baby

"I'd love to have more children, but babies are just too expensive!" a friend of mine recently said.

I hear this often and I always smile and bite my tongue. My eight-year-old daughter however, is not so restrained. She replied, "Well, our babies are free!"

She's right of course; we've learned that having a baby doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg, just like hundreds of years ago before modern medicine, formula and Toys 'R Us. Before parents felt guilty if they didn't have a nursery over-decorated with baby furniture and Disney characters. Before the invention of swings, playpens, and walkers. Before designer baby clothes and sterling silver pacifiers. Before having a baby became so commercialized.

Our third child was born this June, basically free of charge. We had no prenatal or delivery cost, no baby checkups fees, no money was spent on formula or bottles, we did not buy a crib, bassinet, stroller, playpen, swing, walker etc. We do not buy disposable diapers or wipes, and we did not spend any money on baby clothes.

Prenatal or delivery cost: Free because our baby was born at home, unassisted with just my husband and I.

Baby checkup fees: Free because my children have never been to a doctor. They have all been vegan since conception, thus are very healthy and have never been sick or had a need for medical treatment. (knock on wood - no accidents yet!)

Feeding our baby: Free because he is breastfeed from the breast only; since he is never away from me he has no need for formula, bottles, etc.

Crib: Our baby co-sleeps with us so we have no need for a crib or bassinet.

Baby bath: Our baby bathes with me so we have no need for a baby bath.

Other baby items: Our baby is carried in a sling/baby wrap snuggled close to my heart so we have no need for strollers, playpens, swings, walkers etc.

Diapers: Our baby wears cloth diapers and is cleaned with cloth wipes so there is no need to buy disposables.

Clothes: Our baby wears gently used clothing that was passed on to us by mothers of older babies.

Babies truly are priceless!

I visit often with an 85-year-old woman who has lived in our small town, on a farm without running water or electricity, her whole life. I asked her what she did to prepare for her babies. She explained, "In those days we didn't do anything. You didn't get checkups when you were pregnant. When my labor started I sent for the doctor and he came. Afterwards we gave him a few chickens as payment. I sewed flour sacks into diapers and clothes. I carried the baby in my arms all day and night and it slept with me in my bed. Of course I breastfed, there wasn't any other option. We didn't, couldn't actually, buy anything for the babies. We probably only had a few dollars a year in actual cash."

"So you practiced attachment parenting then?" I asked

"Well, I don't know what that is, never heard of it. I just did what I did because it was the right way to do it, the only way," she said.

Maybe we should all turn to the past when it comes to raising our children.



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Re: post your "stuff to skip" for registry/first baby...

Don't get those crib rail teething bars! I got those with my first and it was never an issue. He just learned really early on how to take them off! And now that he is 5 they are still a problem so I just put them in the donation box! He and my 3 year old try to sword fight with them and someone is always getting hurt! Skip those!

And toilet locks! With our first child, we just closed the bathroom door! Now we still don't have them, I am just watchful and teach the olders to close the door.
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Re: post your "stuff to skip" for registry/first baby...

baby towels. like a pp, why did I think they were necessary??
a little mesh teether for food. never used it.
crib toys, and well, a crib. rarely used either
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Re: post your "stuff to skip" for registry/first baby...

I was freaking out about setting up a nursery while I was pregnant - but we couldnt afford to - We have sence moved and at the new house all that is in his nursery is a few clothes and toys -
he sleeps in our bed anyway!

The only things I really use are the boppy pillow for nursing, and the pack and play as a changing table/bassinet for naps, and a bouncy seat for me to put him in when I cant hold him (in the kitchen), clothes and receiving blankets (use as nursing cover and burp cloths. I made him a mei tai too

oh and the carseat of course- but i got it free from the sheriffs dept and its pink! (we have a boy) - but it never leaves the car so I dont really care.
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Re: post your "stuff to skip" for registry/first baby...

Never used the swing. Tried it and she hated it. Then again she freaked in the car too. Maybe it was the motion thing that got her. I had one second hand though, so no money lost.

Baby tub was a total waste. She hated it with a burning passion. Showered with her then and still do. She loves the shower now.

Never used a coat or snow suit for my winter baby. We had a bundle me and I totally love that thing.
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Re: post your "stuff to skip" for registry/first baby...

i didn't read all the posts, but this is what popped into my head right away...

baby bathtub (super annoying, and showering with them is fun anyway)
baby towels (what exactly did i think was wrong with our regular towels? )

boppy (i didn't get one until my second, but i borrowed one for my first - if you tear at all during delivery, you won't be using it for nursing, but to sit on yourself. )
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Re: post your "stuff to skip" for registry/first baby...

Interesting what we all find we use and don't use! I got rid of everything last time, so I'm starting from scratch and buying most if it myself this time, so here is my conservative list of things I want, and I"ll add a few things I'd also like to have at the bottom

3 crib sized flannel waterproof pads (cut in 1/2 and sleep on them to protect bed, easy to change in the middle of the night. I leak for months and this is easier than sleeping in anursing bra w/ nursing pads )
10-ish waterproof lap pads (put on changing table to keep from having to change that pad everytime a little poo gets on it)
1 pk recieving blankets (you can get more if baby likes to be swaddled)
2-3 2-ply knit blankets (if you have a winter baby, to use over carseat, on the floor to play on, ect.)
CPF for burp rags
8-10 sleepers/gowns
1 pk newborn kimono tees for layering (for winter baby only)
1 pk socks (not really needed except w/ gowns)
1 swing/bouncer of your choice to lay baby
1 sling or pouch
Diaper bag
Diaper cream
car seat
nursing pillow/lansinoh/nursing bras in a few sizes

And some things you might also want to have if you have room, or you might find helpful:

Moses Basket (PLanning to order one soon) (or bassinett or PNP)
changing pad at a changing station (mine's on teh dresser)
baby bathtub seat, mesh if you can find one
Breast Pump
1-2 bottles
more blankets (depends on the baby)
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