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Re: How to "plan" the sex of your baby...

I say sleep with my dh and you get a girl LOL Okay, seriously my ex boss did the whole sex planning thing and it actually worked. They had some book that said the correct times to get pregnant to boost odds of a girl or a boy, changing your diet to include a more acid rich diet (I think that was for a boy, not sure) and different sexual positons that help with having one or the other. They had boy/girl/boy/girl ~ just as they wanted. Of course it could have been luck of the draw.


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Re: How to "plan" the sex of your baby...

LOL, My Dh and I are only making girls on this end...What we've done, it start having sex every other day for days 11-21 of your cycle. I guess I O sometime in there(I've never charted) but because I'm having sex all around my O date I'm guessing the boy sperms have all died off leaving only girls in there. Also, it's been missionary position.(when we're have sex every other day I get to burnt out to be's just a do yer thing thing then...LMBO)

I've heard that if you want a boy, have your Dh eat tons of banana's. The extra potasium in them will give the boys a boost. Also, if we decide to TTC again, I am going to O sticks to see when I'm ovulated, have sex when I'm Oing so that those boy spermies stand a chance at getting in there in time. Also, any position that puts it deeper in(doggie/woman on top) are supposed to aid in getting boys up there.

So it sounds like you've been to wild....LOL YOu want a girl, you gotta just lay there...HEHE

BTW~The chinese calendar thing predicted a boy and I am having another girl. I dont' believe in that stuff anymore.
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Re: How to "plan" the sex of your baby...

ooh oooh oooh!! We did this and we are expecting a girl after 2 boys!! WOO HOO!! So I am proof that it works Some of the things we did were follow a chinese birth chart from my age at conception(the birth chart for us and our entire family is accurate except for the exception of Dh's dad...guess he's supposed to be a girl...LOL), douching with water and vinegar before and after intercourse ( they say only to do it before, I think but we wanted to make sure ), penetration near the opening of the vagina, had sex 2-3 days before ovulation so obvioulsy we charted ovulation too and....Dh took a hot shower before...ummm i cant think of anymore right now but it definitly worked for us!! Or atleast the ultrasound says so It only took us one month of trying for our last 2 pregnancies...our first one was a surprise!!

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Re: How to "plan" the sex of your baby...

We didn't do the first one on purpose, but we had a hot tub we used a lot and our first was a girl. The second time he wore "tighties" on the days we were trying, and they say this one is a girl too. The boys don't like the heat!!

I never know when I O so that part is no help to me and I am too forgetful to chart.

Have you googled it, there are tons of websites about it. Also the book Taking Charge of your Fertility has some on it, but is mostly about charting etc.
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Re: How to "plan" the sex of your baby...

thomas talked to his stuff and my stomach about as unscientific has you can get!! he kept saying "have a penis" and "you know youre a boy" and stuff to my belly, and stuff, it was really funny, especially since he "didnt believe" i knew i was pregnant the day i conceived but he was there talking anyway :lol:

oh duh. we had sex right before i hours, not days,so position was good, and day and everything too
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Re: How to "plan" the sex of your baby...

I have heard the position of the bed can determine the sex. I can't remember for sure, but both of my DD where conceived w/ bed facing E/W, I am expecting another girl but we have moved and I am honestly not sure what direction the bed faces now.

I am sure most of these things are very scientific, but it is fun to hear the stories.
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