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Re: Hire a Doula? Yes or No?

Hi, I had a doula with my first birth and it was well worth it. I highly recommend. With my second birth (coming up soon) however we will not. Only because sadly, it is more costly than we can really afford (especially right around Christmas!).

Here's my "significant" doula story: shortly after my ds was born and all my family arrived, I headed for the bath. The doula was the only person who stayed with me the WHOLE time - she NEVER left my side, and a good thing because I passed out! Not a good thing in a bathtub!

Good luck. I think hiring a doula is a wise decision, especially if it is your first baby.



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Re: Hire a Doula? Yes or No?

I decided to go without the epidural with my second and thought about a doula but ultimately decided not to. Then I wound up lucking out and getting a nurse during delivery who was absolutely wonderful. I don't think I would have done it without her. Made me realize how much it mattered to have good support! If there were to be a third baby (which there won't) I would definitely hire a doula rather than just play roulette with who I get as a labor nurse.
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Re: Hire a Doula? Yes or No?

Originally Posted by itsymama View Post
I didn't have one with my lil boy but now that I know about them I wish I had , I am hiring one this time for sure , no matter what I have to do lol . Here is why ..

1. I am going natural
2. I am going for a VBAC
3. my hubby is a great guy but is clueless as to what labor really is and got overwhelmed last time
4. while they will try to be there my parents may not make it in time for the birth so I would only have poor hubby with out a doula
5. I plan to labor at home till I reach good active labor
Except with my DD I knew about doulas, but didn't think it was necessary since I never knew anyone who used one before. I am 100% certain that if I had hired a doula I wouldn't have ended up w/ a C-section! Next time I will get one for sure!
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Re: Hire a Doula? Yes or No?

i had dd1 in a hospital with an OB...not my ideal situation but i was 20 yrs old and thought that is how it had to be done (pointless induction, horrible contractions...and an episiotomy )
i found out i was preg with dd2 and had a different plan even though i was not sure i'd be able to have a natural birth (and NO ONE thought i could. not dh and not either side of the family) anyway i was a member of LLL and met quite a few moms that said natural birth is 100% different and i should read more about it. i did...and decided that no matter what i was going to have my baby at a birth center or home with a midwife and no drugs!!! fast forward to my due date (felt a little different but not in 100% active labor) called my friend/doula to tell her how i felt and ask if that was normal since she had a natural delivery...she says from how i sound it isnt labor and i had a few more days ....yeah it was early labor!!! i caled her the next afternoon and tell her im crampy and saw a snot rocket in the she came over and i was contracting on my bed...she sat around with me for about 15 min and i got restless so i started pacing. then i said oh...i feel like im going to barf and she started scurrying around saying omg we have to go now!!! apparently i was in transition. so we call my mom, my bro gets all the stuff ready...they start grabbing for dd1 and the doula's son and run was a lucille ball in labor...head is THERE and i am 2 stpes down out of 15 and have a strong contraction...they are yelling to me to come on...and im like yeah ok working on it!!! i ride the whole 30 min drive on my knees with my butt in the air not in pain but actually enjoying the fact that i was handling it well. i dropped 1 f*bomb and that was when i needed to push and knew we were a good 10 min away. the whole ride i was in my doula's car - dd1 and doulas son were with mom, bro was driving my doula talked to me the whole time even though i really didnt care what she was saying...nor was i listening but i did hear a 'you're doing great, just'er going to have another baby soon' it was a lift for me. we pull up to the birth center and i have a big one trying to get out of the car...i try to get dd1...get pushed aside so i could go have the baby lol. got all the way to the toilet and stayed sitting for a while cuz the pressure was intense...i asked for the tub to be filled, someone (doula i think) asked me what i wanted to wear and all i could say was 'ugly green bra' over and over...someone took my clothes off and put the bra on soon as it was on i turned and wobbled to the tub....and thought AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH that is NICE!!! had a contraction, midwife wanted to feel how i was pushing so i push, my water beaks, she asks me if im in a good position bc im about to have dd2 and i say yes, immediatly have another contraction and flip to my hands and knees...push twice and out comes dd2!!!

my doula was my coach at home, my driver, my photographer and my support. my brother cut the cord and my mom came in a min after since she was watching the doula's was a great experience...i felt like superwoman after that. dd1 held dd2, they both nursed and we went home 4 hrs later

i def say hire one. you can get one for free like i did too. usually at LLL or API meeting someone is a doula
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Re: Hire a Doula? Yes or No?

For me a doula was the best thing we ever could have done. I knew my dh would be completely competent and confident to handle all of it, but it was wonderful to have her there. For me, more than anything, it was reassuring to ME to have her there for my husband. I knew my dh would never take a break and leave me alone. With having her there, my dh was able to grab a bite to eat and use the restroom. We were lucky in the fact that our doula was also our Bradley instructor so we got to know her very well over the 13 weeks of classes - and she knew our hopes and desires very well too.
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