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Re: @ year olds and napping question

Originally Posted by ck510 View Post

Kris5135- Quiet time is at 1:00 when dd takes her afternoon nap. He isn't super tired then just getting cranky. We use room darkening blinds and he has heavy curtains in his room. We turn on a fan too for back round noise.
Maybe try quiet time at 11:30/12:00. My son wants his nap between 11:00-12:00 every day. Any later than that & he gets over tired & it's way harder for him to fall asleep.


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Re: @ year olds and napping question

The giving up naps age will vary from kid to kid. My oldest took 2 hour naps until the day before kindergarten and it took her several weeks to adjust to no nap. My 2nd child gave up naps around 2.5-3 years old. My 3rd kid is going to be 3 in a couple of months and he's trying to give his naps up but I can tell he is so not ready! He is a total crank-butt in the evenings if he doesn't nap, but I cannot get him to sleep during the day.

If your son won't sleep, I think that instilling a "quiet time" is a good idea. Either lying or sitting quietly, maybe with some books to look at. I can't even get my son to sit for a quiet time.
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Re: @ year olds and napping question

Kids are all different. I have 6 kids and 6 different sleep needs. My 2 1/2 year old goes to bed at 9 and gets up at 7:30, and takes a 3 hour nap every afternoon. (13 1/2 hours of sleep) But my niece who is 3 months older than her quit taking naps almost a year ago. My 4 1/2 year old just quit taking naps when he started preschool (unless he sleeps for 10 min on the way home from pre-s) but he now sleeps from 9 to 9. So he gets the same amount of sleep he was getting before. My kids all gave up naps between 2 and 5 years. Some just need less sleep, even now.
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Re: @ year olds and napping question

Oh my goodness! My daughter just started turning down naps and she's not even two...she's 22 months. I can't function unless she has a nap! I need that quiet time! Even if I let her play quietly, she still opens up the door and calls for me. Then she's almost unbearable in the evening because she's so cranky!

Oy!!!! She needs to start napping again!

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Re: @ year olds and napping question

ds stopped sleeping during naptime around 18mo or so. he's always been great about boundaries & never gets out of bed (even to get a toy or fact, it's biting me in the bum right now trying to convince him that he has permission to get out of bed to go potty!!!), even when i tell him he can if he wants to (perhaps he just doesn't want to?). anyway, same thing you said, wasn't sleeping but CLEARLY uber-cranky...for about a year (everyone kept saying after awhile he'd adjust to the lack of sleep...i guess he finally did, but a year?)!! I can't remember how old he was but at one point I sewed some thick, heavy curtains (actually just rectangles with holes that we hang over the windows on nails b/c i'm too lazy to make 'real' curtains) that make his room pretty much pitch black (we've never used a nightlight) & when we did that, he started sleeping at naptime again. we got "room darkening" shades, & even put towels over the windows, but wasn't till it was night-time dark in there that he'd sleep.

Now he's almost 3 & it's kind of random. he'll sleep probably 2-3x/week the other days he lies in bed for 2 hours talking to himself & singing. never cries about it or complains. a few times it was soo quiet in there for a long time so i would peek in & sure enough, he'll just be lying there staring at his fingers or something. perfectly quiet. weird. i was letting him up after 1 hour b/c i felt bad w/him just lying in the dark so long awake, but he started getting grumpy again, & like i said never complains about it, so i just keep him in there 2hrs. when he does sleep it's usually 3hrs.

oh & he sleeps 12hrs at night.
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