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Need Vax Help!

Me and my mother were discussing vaccinations for babies tonight, and it came up that I am considering being much more selective about the shots my children get. OMG! How could I do that to a child?? Anyways, she then told me that they couldn't go to school without having current, and complete, shot records. And someplace in Michigan just arrested 300 parents for not getting the shots for their children and they werent in school. It was apparently on FOX news. I know that just has to be against the law, and I know that if you dont want to make your children get shots, you have to sign a waiver for the schools to let them in. But, of course, nothing I say is right and I don't know what I'm talking about. Could I get some websites, like govt ones, that proves my point? I will be emailing them to her. Then I told her I was thinking about a homebirth for this baby. I thought she was going to have a heart attack!

And also, maybe some info on which shots are known to cause problems and which ones arent? That would help me a little too TIA!


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Re: Need Vax Help!

No one can force you to vaccinate your child. Not yet anyways. You're in South Dakota? Here's the vaccine exemptions and laws there:

Here's a list of vaccine ingredients.

For some really compelling evidence, go to the CDC's VEARS site and stick in something like "DTaP" "Under 2" and "Death." The results are numbing. ETA: And note that "they" say that less than 10% of vaccine reactions are reported, plus, many vaccine deaths are simply written off as "SIDS."

Oh, and the Measles virus (from the MMR vaccine) is often found in the gut of many Autistic children. You can find a good bit of info on that if you google it, I think.
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Re: Need Vax Help!

the arrests that she is probably talking about was something that i think was in MARYLAND, first of all. And the problem there was the parents did not have vaccinations done, NOR did they have the proper paperwork filed for their children's exemptions. To avoid repercussions, a parent should make sure the exemption paperwork is filed.

I think it looks like you're in south dakota-- heres the state exemption rules in that state

Now, 909shot is a good site, IMO, but it IS rather "anti-vaccines".

The way I decided I did not want to vaccinate, is I went to the CDC's website. I looked up the dieases the vax's are supposed to prevent, and their actual issues, and then the possible problems caused by the vaccines, ESPECIALLY the ingredients. For me, the benefits of a vaccine did not outweigh the risks of any of the diseases.

No one can tell you exactly whats right for your child except you. Doctors rarely (not always, of course) agree that vaccines are not helpful. They look at the decline of disease over the years vaccines have been used, but arent considering the fact that we also have had many breakthroughs in things like water sanitation, and medical advancements that most likely would have brought a decline to the disease anyways.

My biggest reason for not vaccinating? The ingredients and the severity of disease. MSG is a common ingredient in vaccines, and considering that I am allergic to that substance, i refuse to inject it into my kid. For example, i could never get the chicken pox vax because of my MSG allergy, but its okay to give it to my kid? I dont think so. Other things brought it on too..i went into it thinking "okay, polio is something i will DEFINITELY vaccinate against, since its so scary!" well... according to the CDC, 95% of polio cases have no symptoms. Basically, NOTHNG happens to the person. Nothing. 4% of those 5% who actually DO have symptoms, have flu-like symptoms. NOTHING ELSE. That leaves 1% that COULD face harsher symptoms, and LESS than 1% of that small percentage will become paralyzed. There also has not been a case of wild polio in the US since i believe the early 80s? All cases of polio since then were from the live oral polio vaccine that most of US received.

Those are just some of the things that opened my eyes and brought me to the conclusion that i didnt want to vax my child/ren.

**disclaimer: i will not be vaxxing, but its not my choice if you vax your kid or not, ya know? You should do your own research and come to your own conclusion, and find out if the benefits will outweigh the risks for YOUR child**
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Re: Need Vax Help!

I'm not coming at this from an anti-vax perspective, but I will say that DTaP, HepA & Vericella are some of the common ones people often pass up. DTaP gave my son a horrible site reaction on his 4th dose (and I even showed his Ped a week later) and just found out today from a vax nurse that it's pretty common with the 4th & 5th doses. Why my Ped didn't tell me when I asked WHY just boggles my mind! HepA is often food-born and if you're not eating in foreign countries or out of contaminated sources you really aren't very likely to get it. We're in CA and have a lot of immigrants so I've just had it done in the past, but I am waiting with my 5th DS and the nurse agreed. He doesn't need it now so why give it to him.
Varicella and MMR are combined at my office.
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