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Re: need advice and encouragement - very long


Knowing that the baby would do the best job is the reason I was willing to risk likely pain and even possible infection to try with her today. But since we've never been consistently successful nursing together due to her issues for the first three weeks and now my issues for the last 5 days, she had a hard time doing the job. Just getting a brief but proper latch on today was a moral victory! But if this is an issue in weeks to come I should have her prepped and ready to go.

I've tried to be careful with massage for that reason, but it's hard. I think that's why these knots have stuck around so long, but I figure if I'm persistent they will indeed budge. In fact, I finally dislodged most of one of them during my pumping about 45 minutes ago, so my patience paid off. I can't say I did anything diffeently, it just started streaming out!

Thanks -- I'll look into vaso spasms. It's hard to say where the pain comes from since they seem to stab at random and all over. I'll also look into lethicin -- interesting, thanks!

I've tried cold packs between pumpings and while lying in bed overnight (the best pain relief), heat immediately before and at the beginning of pumping (the on-call nurse last week said to limit heat so as not to increase inflamation, but the OB nurse today said to increase it again to get milk flowing), gentle massage and pressure, moving the flange, showers, ibuprofen, resting when the pain isn't *too* bad, crying, cursing.... (Sorry, it's not hurting this second so I can laugh a little!)


Thank you!!! I actually spoke with my doula just before I posted this, and unfortunately she doesn't have official training but has obviously worked with many moms. I'm meeting with her on Wednesday and she offered to do a little research before then, especially about my nipples. Most of the LCs have been sympathetic, just not full of ideas. (The LC last week was downright rude, but that's just her, and a couple of the others just seem to want me to come in for the money.) I'm actually in North Carolina, not a hotbed for advocacy! The LLL group here is small but great, but it has struck me as a "meeting-time only" support group, not for outside phone calls or gatherings. (AT our next meeting I'll look into this further!)

I've read quite a bit about GV but b/c both docs don't think that's what it is I was trying Lotrimin first. GV sounds messy, but definitely worth a try if that becomes a more likely diagnosis again. I've been eating a ton of yogurt the last week and want to buy some probiotics, but that involves putting on a shirt! (I may just buy online.)

Thanks for your further thoughts too!


Your words are perfectly inspirational! I never wanted to pump other than to allow DH to give her an occasional bottle once she got a little older. I can't wait to decrease our reliance on it for SO many reasons!!! And thanks for the long-term optimism; I heard that a lot at the LLL meeting, but not from any LCs at all, so your reassuance really helps!


Hey, thanks just for reading, really!


Ugh, 12 weeks, I'm so sorry! Yes, it's the overlapping diagnoses that make this so complicated for me, especially as a newbie. Mastitis is my only official diagnosis, even though thrush seems to come up more often, then the plugged duct issue came more recently.

I tried a nipple shield with her the first couple week but she still wasn't pulling out any milk. I did not try with a nipple shield today (the first time I tried nursing since last Tuesday), but that's a great idea and I'll try tomorrow. I will definitely get acidophilus since I know the yogurt itself is not enough. Things are being sterilized anyway, fortunately, which isn't has hard when I'm going around topless!

I have a naturopath who isn't returning my phone calls. I called her again this morning and demanded she call me back! I worry she may have some family health problems going on since she helped me get pg and would certainly want to hear about my baby, right?!? Each day I just keep updating my list of questions for her!

Thanks for your kind prayers.


Thanks for your encouragement! I'd love for DD to latch on to help, but we're taking baby steps. I have lanolin as well as an ointment from London Frogg, but for now I'm using Lotrimin to moisturize, which unfortunately I'm not using as often as I should. I have the PISA which I switch off holding with my hand on the one side for more flexibility with massage. I mentioned the nipple shield above and will try it again. It didn't help with latch on at all before, but it's worth a shot again!

I'll check out that website too -- thanks! And I'm optimistic as well, which is the ONLY reason I'm sticking with it right now!

THANK YOU everyone again for your suggestions!!! I KNEW I was coming to the right place!!!


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