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condensing this stuff down to one sticky. If you want to see the OP it was quoted from click this button right beside where it says Originally posted by.....


Originally Posted by Ooey View Post
I noticed a lot of people asking lately so I thought I'd post these pics that I took a few weeks ago since I'm such an expert at getting a super trim great fit . They arn't the absolute best but show the basic overview. I'm using a little lions unbleached indian prefold, a new style snappi and a wool interlock pull-on cover.

This is how I start out folding the prefold, there is about 2 inches folded down:

I lay it out then set the baby on top, I've found this is easier than trying to fold it under the bum or slide it under:

Once you have it positioned on baby, fold the extra length down in the front (should be 1-3 inches) this creats front wings, tuck them around the sides and hold in place:

Pull the first side wing over as far as you can, hold firmly with one hand while pulling the second wing over, then hold both wings together with one hand while you reach for your snappi:

Make sure you have the wings pulled as tightly as you can comfortably get them, then snappi:

Here is the nice tight fold you should end up with:

Notice there is hardly any gaping at the legs because I pulled the wings so tight:

There's no way this baby is gonna leak!:

Add the pull-on cover for a super trim, adorable & reliable combo:

Whilder loves posing in her wool

Originally Posted by amegrl520 View Post
This is another thing that is asked alot maybe we can sticky this please.

Here is my site recommendation please feel free to add yours.


Courtesy of LJ and her wonderfully handsome DS Henry here is and awesome Tutorial on pinning prefolds

Pinning an Infant prefold using a preemie prefold as a doubler:

Rolling in the sides:

Pull tightly, push leg down if its not already (ds was actually cooperating today!)

Sorry about the flash:

Same as before, pull really tight, push leg down:


Pinning a premium prefold using the newspaper fold:

Pull tightly (see the chub coming over the top of the dipe?)

Tuck in legs:

Originally Posted by cowmommy View Post
well almost 2 Year old.

I laid a tissue on her but I still thought it showed too much so I censored them a little more but you get the point

Lay prefold flat

Fold front sides together up to just under rear

Pull up bw legs

Fan out the front to make another set of wings

Pull tight(notice how it pinches up too look TOO tight if you are doing it right but when you put the pin in and move your hand out from under the diaper it is perfect)


repeat for other side

Leg with perfect gusset--never had a poo leak

Back view(her pee seemed to have changed the color of the dye after like the second time she wore it )

Happy to have a dipe finally done with Crazy mommy snapping all those pics(excuse watery eyes and runny nose she's sick )

Originally Posted by tararaboomdeea View Post
I had some pics with my actual baby, but it's on my camera that my Mom has right now. So, I asked Cookie Monster if he'd be my model, and he said for a cookie. So, if you see any crums, it's all his fault.

Here is *my* way of using PF's with covers and not using pins or Snappis. I hate pins and Snappi's, and this method works perfect for us! I hope it helps some of you, too!

I use only Baby Soft Wraps. I'm sure this could work with any kind of cover, especially side snapping, but I love these and don't need anything else.

This tutorial was created using a M BSW and a GMD Yellow Edge PF, dyed by the lovely and talented Keli of Sugralumps Boutique!

Step 1: Place PF unfolded in cover, about an inch lower then the top of the back of the cover. I usually have baby laying down already, then slip both cover and PF together under baby.

Step 2: Roll in sides of PF, tucking it under baby's bum/leg to keep in in place.

Step 3: Pull up the front over baby's privates and fan out along the belly.

Step 4: Pull out one side from underneath baby to create a wing. Pull it up to front of diaper and hold with one hand.

Step 5: With your other hand, pull the side of the cover to the front to prepare for snapping. Hold in place, and bring the snaps over to snap the cover in place.

Step 6: Repeat steps 4 and 5 on the other side

Step 7: Tuck PF that sticks out around the legs in to the cover, rolling it in more to create more absorbancy around the legs and wet zone. This will prevent wicking at the legs and will keep that poop in it's place!

End Result: Nice smooth front, no bulk, nice smooth back, minimal bulk. Happy, dry baby! Or, in this case, Cookie Monster!

Originally Posted by Cottonspuds Boutique View Post
This is shown w/ a basic twill prefold & of course the other bamboo directions are there too. or view below instead of using the link. YOU CAN ALSO DO WITH W/ A SNAPPi.

try this link: http://s83.photobucket.com/albums/j2...%20Directions/ or view below. This was done using twill pf but you cand do this w/ bamboo too (the twill pics are older).

This is the same fold using a 100% Bamboo prefold (no terry or fleece) USING A SNAPPI:

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